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Viewsbank is an online community where you can exchange opinions and stories on topics that matter to you.


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Take quick, simple surveys which are tailored to your interests to earn cash and win prizes

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Talk to a diverse group of people across the country about what matters to you

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Know that you’re making a real difference to the way businesses interact with customers

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Lots of interesting surveys, it is great to think that doing a survey can influence change and also get paid for posting my views.

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Combine the useful to the pleasant

Surveys and Polls

We work to ensure that you get surveys relevant to you. We’ll pay you 11p per minute of your time, which is higher than industry standard. If you have a question of your own, submit a poll and see live results as our community responds. If your poll trends, you get £10 in your account, and everyone that voted to make your poll trend gets a 1p bonus.


Whenever you decide to take an assignment, you will be clearly informed of how much it is worth, and roughly how long it will take you to complete it. Normally you’ll receive cash, which is credited to your account via PayPal. After you reach our payment threshold of £12, your balance is automatically sent to your PayPal account.

Mystery Shopping

Often, our projects will involve asking you to do tasks that you would have done anyway. This might include shopping around for insurance quotes or calling your bank. We realize this is sensitive data, so in addition to protecting it, we pay you a fair sum in compensation - which can be up to £130. Plus, you might just find a better deal!

About Us

The Viewsbank panel and website is owned and operated by Consumer Intelligence - an independent research company that has been providing customer and competitor insight since 2003.

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