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Shoppers hit with illegal credit card charges

From January 13, both online and offline shops have been banned from charging anyone an extra payment for debit or credit card payments, as opposed to cash.

The new rule follows an EU directive and will prevent any card surcharging for paying by debit or credit cards, PayPal and ApplePay in the UK.

Companies are no longer allowed to charge shoppers up to 20% more for purchases just for paying with plastic.

A survey conducted for Consumer Intelligence by Viewsbank, revealed that shoppers are still being charged extra fees for using credit and debit cards since the introduction of new EU laws.

The research found that 14% of shoppers had been charged an additional fee for using a credit card to pay online or in stores.

The survey also revealed that shoppers are being hit with a range of alternative fees under different names, with 21% reported being charged a booking fee for using a credit card since the new rules came into effect.

Meanwhile, 13% had been asked to pay a transaction fee in the past month, and 13% had been asked to pay an administration charge.

Around 60% of those questioned said they had not been charged.

For the full press release click here, or take a look at Consumer Intelligence’s latest article here.

Have you been charged a credit card fee since the change in law? Tell us about it in the comments section. 

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Getting Ready for a Cleaner Spring-Clean!

3 years ago by James_Admin

Getting Ready for a Cleaner Spring-Clean!

As we look toward warmer weather, many of us also gear up for the annual spring clean of our living spaces and our lives! It can be incredibly important for us to declutter, air out, and clean-up, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


When we begin to think about airing out and cleaning up, we can also think of the impact our methods and tools this cleaning will have on our long-term health as well as the environment we find ourselves in.


Over the past few years, we have seen a push for more natural products, including cleaning supplies. Many of us understand the importance of being organic or chemical-free, but we forget to consider the potential impacts that our cleaning products can have.

So, do we really need to use naturally cleaning products?

Most typical cleaning supplies include many toxic substances that have also been found to be seriously harmful to our health. Our homes are the spaces we should be able to feel most safe, cared for, and healthy. When we use harsh chemicals to keep these spaces clean, there is potential damage to our health and the environment around us.

Some tips for natural cleaning

  1. Doing our own research. There are many ways for us to cut down the harsh chemicals in our lives, reduce the waste we produce, and increase our sustainability while supporting our health! Finding the aspects that matter most to us and how to support them, in ways that work for us will truly make a lasting difference.

  1. Taking a look at the ingredients. Much like our food, we should also be looking at the ingredients in the products we keep our homes clean with. It is a common misconception that “clean” equals harsh. Clean can also mean natural, which is often more effective in many ways.

  1. Making our own supplies! Not only is it cleaner to make our own products, but it’s also cheaper! We can save a lot by making many products out of the regular household items that many of us already own! Take a look here for some great tips to get started!

  1. Reusing and repurposing. By purchasing longer-lasting, more sustainable products like microfibre cloths, we can not only save money and reduce our landfill inputs, but we also keep our homes cleaner by avoiding the bacteria pick-up that many other products, like disposable sponges, carry with them.

  1. Investing in what matters to us. Whether it be through our time, education, money, or intention, when we invest in the spaces and values that matter to us, we will bring about true change in our habits and lifestyles. Asking ourselves what we want to change and grow towards can be a great way to get started!

Will you be spring cleaning this year? Have you ever made your own cleaning supplies? Share your favourite tips and tricks for spring cleaning today!

Happy sharing,


Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash


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Share some healthy motivation!

3 years ago by James_Admin

Share some healthy motivation!

This week we’ve got National Longevity Day, National Yoga Day, and National Thinking Day so we’ve got some of our very best tips on hand to keep healthy and fit this year- and we want to hear from you too!


There are many aspects to our health that need to be considered in equal measure. Health is not solely about how often we go to the gym or how many green smoothies we drink. Our wellbeing is much more extensive and inclusive, which can be both wonderful and overwhelming.

Our mental and emotional health are often the later to be considered, as they can oftentimes be less apparent when paid less attention, but they are no less important.

Here are some seemingly simple ways to maintain a healthy balance.

  1. Having a few minutes of focused presence each day. We can often get too caught up in what is coming next that we completely overlook what is happening right now. Focusing a few minutes on the here and now can help us to balance out stress levels and boost gratitude!

  1. Making a list of our strengths. We are all fantastic at many things. Listing these attributes out and stating them aloud can really focus our energy into supporting ourselves in what we want.

  1. Moving our bodies (in ways that make us happy!) We are individuals, and much like our personalities, our bodies are not all the same. While some of us may truly love sweating in our in the gym, others need a walk outdoors, swimming, yoga, or even rock-climbing. Finding what makes us happy while being active can be a real gamechanger.

  1. Drinking more water. Did you know that by the time we’re thirsty, we are already dehydrated? Most of us do not drink nearly enough water and we don’t realise it until it’s too late. Our bodies are made up of over 50% water. Let’s help ourselves run more effectively and drink up!

  1. Finding one area we can improve. Whether it’s eating less meat, going for a longer walk, or drinking less alcohol, focusing on just one area we would like to improve upon at a time can lessen the chances of feeling overwhelmed and increase our likelihood of success in the long-run!

Share your very best healthy lifestyle tips and tricks here!


Happy motivating!


Photo by Israel Egío on Unsplash

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Valentine’s Day is Coming Up Quickly!

3 years ago by James_Admin

Valentine’s Day is Coming Up Quickly!

What does Valentine’s Day really mean? A critic might say that it is only a day for couples to spend more money to show superficial tokens of their love. While this may be true for some, Valentine’s Day can carry great opportunity, if we let it!

Greeting Card Holiday or more than that? While many of us think Valentine’s Day is a recently made-up holiday, it actually has its roots in ancient Roman tradition, stemming from stories of Saint Valentine, who wrote a letter to the woman he loved on the day he died, signed “your Valentine.” Eventually, the saint’s memory was mixed in with a Roman holiday, Lupercalia, when the church decided to turn this festival into a Christian holiday to be celebrated as well.

The day is typically known as a celebration for couples in love. However, over recent years, more and more people have recognised the fact that love comes in many different vessels.

All types of love deserve to be celebrated on this day! So, here are a few ways for everyone to celebrate this week.


  1. Get some furry cuddles! We’re talking about going to a dog park, getting some tea in a cat cafe, or even “borrow” someone else’s pet for a few hours! Release some extra endorphins and share the love with a furry friend.

  1. Volunteer: Share some love where it’s needed. Even if you’re feeling a bit lonely this Valentine’s Day, it is important for us to remember how fortunate we are and that there are always others who could use our help every now and again.

  1. Celebrate “Galentine’s Day” on February 13th: A day for ladies to celebrate other ladies! We all know we could use one another’s love and support a little more often.

  1. Draw it: Physically mapping out each meaningful relationship in our lives can help us to see how truly surrounded we are by love in its many forms- and show us that we have many reasons to celebrate!

  1. Practice more self-love. True self love is unconditional care and acceptance for ourselves, no matter where we are in our lives. There are hundreds of ways we can all work on this every single day. What is one that you could start on this week?

Be sure to share your favourite Valentine’s Day ideas, memories, tips, or wishes today! We could all use a little more love in our lives, this week and every week.

Happy sharing the love,



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Keeping the Motivation up!

3 years ago by James_Admin

Keeping the Motivation up!

It tends to feel a bit more grey, cold, and even a bit more dreary when we get into the beginning of February. After the winter holiday and new-years spike in excitement, we can often feel a dragging in our energy, our motivation, and even our patience coming into February.


We can all stave off the February slump by sharing our coping mechanisms, our self-care tips, and the things that keep us going. By sharing with one another, we not only have the potential to help others, but we can also learn from ourselves by solidifying our thoughts and actions into words!

So, let’s get started. What can we do to keep our spirits up this month?

  1. Changing up our wardrobe! Adding even one item to our wardrobe can help to put a little spring in our step. How we think about how we look can really make a difference in how we feel!

  1. Trying a new activity. By changing up our routine and adding a bit of newness into our lives, we invite ourselves to learn and rediscover what we love. We learn new parts of ourselves while remembering our old passions we may have forgotten or put away briefly.

  1. Scheduling some me-time! Self care is often the first to go when we need it most. When we get busy, we forget to do the very things that really keep us going. Taking that walk, reading that book, or even taking that bath can really make all the difference in how we treat ourselves in our day-to-day interactions. When we feel rested and rejuvenated, we can work from places of abundance, rather than exhaustion.

  1. Three positives of every day. Making even a short list of three things that we did well after every day can shift the way we think about our work, our impact, and our value. Finding the positives and highlighting them, even to ourselves, can give us more energy for upcoming tasks.

  1. Focusing on the here and now. It is often much easier for us to think about what’s coming next than to actually be in and enjoy what’s happening around us right now. Reminding ourselves to come back and see the joy in the present can change our outlook on our lives.

Share your best motivational, self-care tips with us today! You never know who might learn from you and who you might be able to learn from!

Happy growing,


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As Veganuary comes to a close…

3 years ago by James_Admin

As Veganuary comes to a close…

While many of us did not know Veganuary existed until this month, this new “holiday” has definitely brought many discussions, disagreements, and conversations with it.


Whether you choose to follow a vegan diet or a carnivorous one, there are benefits to opting for a more vegan lifestyle. Benefits such as saving water, being more environmentally sound, helping to reduce the rates of heart disease, obesity, cancer, and chronic illnesses can have immense impacts on our lives.

While these many benefits should not be ignored, many who preach a vegan lifestyle can overlook the realities of what it can cost to change diet. Veganism can, at times, be more expensive and less inclusive of cultural values and traditions. There are medical conditions that also exclude many people from partaking in this specific type of diet.

With diet, like any decision, it’s important that we be realistic with ourselves and others. No matter our choices on diet, we must remember that each human body is different and our choices will reflect that. While our differences are important, we can also remember to make choices to reflect the kind of society we want to live in each and every day.

How can we all be more sustainable in our diets?

  1. Shopping locally! Buying the food that was grown and produced closer to our homes not only helps our bodies keep in line with the environment and seasons around us, it also helps to reduce transportation pollution, while also ensuring we get fresher food!

  1. Reducing waste. By choosing products without packaging at all, we can help to reduce  unnecessary materials that will only end up in landfills. Choosing products with more sustainable packaging such as glass or repurposed materials can be a step in the right direction. Here are some amazing tips for shopping with less waste!

  1. Opting for organic. Reducing the amounts of pesticides in the food we eat not only helps our bodies, but also reduces the amounts of toxins that go into our earth and our water.

  1. Minimise meat and animal products. Not all of us need to be completely vegan, however, our diets should ideally be plant-centered.

  1. Choose fish carefully. Many fish species are not only becoming more toxic to humans, they are also in danger of being overfished. When we select our fish, we can check this list just to be sure!

  1. Less processed, more real. Processed foods are not only harmful for our health, but they also take more water, energy, and waste to produce. By cutting out processed foods and opting for more natural alternatives, we are supporting our health along with the environment!

  1. Sharing your knowledge. If you have any tips, tricks, or information that you use when shopping, be sure to let others know! You could help others save money, live healthier, and make more sustainable decisions!

Be sure to share your thoughts on Veganuary and sustainable food choices with us today!

Happy sharing,


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Re-aligning our achievements in 2018...

3 years ago by James_Admin

Re-aligning our achievements in 2018...

Each day that we wake up, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the day before us, or not. How we feel about ourselves, our lives, and what lies ahead can make all the difference in whether we move forward with positivity or negativity. So, let’s choose the former in this year more often than not and see how far it takes us!



How can we begin to do more in order to feel 'accomplished' this year?  

  1. Defining what “accomplished” means to us, personally. Success and accomplishments mean completely different things to each and every one of us. When we sit down and allow ourselves to define these terms according to our own values and lives, we can more clearly understand how our own defintion may differ to those of our family, friends, and loved ones.

  1. Ensuring that our goals truly serve us. Looking at our goals from an outside perspective and asking ourselves why we have chosen the goals we have can help us to understand whether our ambitions are truly for ourselves or if they are driven by outside forces. Digging a bit deeper can help to clarify where our intentions truly lie: are they to serve our growth or to serve the wishes of others?

  1. Taking note of the “little” things. Whether it’s doing the dishes or clearing out your email inbox, these small tasks can help to declutter our minds and set us up for success. It’s important we remember to show ourselves gratitude, no matter how small the task may seem.

  1. Taking a look back. Whether it be to last week or ten years ago, remembering how far we’ve come and how much we’ve changed, learned, and grown can help us to understand where we find ourselves now a little bit better.

  1. Being kind to ourselves. When we feel we haven’t accomplished what we set out to or that we’ve fallen short, it can be easy to beat ourselves up. Instead of pushing ourselves down, we must remember that we can be our very best cheerleader, inspiration, and motivation. We know ourselves best and we should love ourselves the hardest. Being kind to ourselves in moments of negativity can help us get there.

Share your ideas of what success and achievement mean for you this year, and even how you will get there! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy sharing!


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Remain calm, it’s only a new year

4 years ago by James_Admin

Remain calm, it’s only a new year

We can’t believe it’s already mid-January! With this new year still in its beginning stages, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to set ourselves up for success later on. One of the things most of us struggle with nowadays is how stressful our lives can be.

No matter how careful we may be, stress is an inherent part of life, for each of us. While low levels of stress can be helpful and expected, most modern lives are now filled with higher and higher rates of stress. This can not only be uncomfortable, but stress can have serious mental and physical consequences.

So, this year, let’s set our sights on tackling our stress levels, one day at a time.

  1. Breaking the momentum. When we find ourselves particularly stressed-out, it can really help to completely change the environment or situation we find ourselves in. Taking a walk outside, watching a funny video, or even leaving to get a cup of tea can help to shift our minds into a different state, allowing us space to come up with even better solutions and reactions.

  1. Identifying the main problems. It is not uncommon for us to have many points of stress throughout our days. If we can begin to focus on the primary causes of stress, we can begin to put techniques in place to change our response to these triggers.

  1. Breathe. We know, it can sound cliche, but it really does work. Taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, deeper each time sends a message to our brains that we are safe and that it is time to calm down.

  1. Trying some adaptogens (and other natural remedies.) These herbs support the body’s adrenal functions, while helping to lower our response to the stress hormone, cortisol. While these herbs are natural and can be beneficial on many levels, they are used medicinally and should ideally be taken in consultation with a doctor.

  1. Finding some outside help. There are numerous ways to find counseling, therapy, and any other type of support we might need when our stress, anxiety, or problems seem a bit too big to face alone. Be sure to talk to a GP if you’re in need of some extra support.

  1. Use the 4 As: Avoid, Alter, Adapt, and Accept. Learning how to say no to things we don’t need, making changes to the behaviour that does not help us, practicing gratitude, and accepting what we cannot change are only a few of the techniques to use in this framework that can make all the difference!

  1. Tuning in to our bodies. Taking a few minutes each day to be still and focus on how our bodies are feeling can help us to make note of any habits that might need changing to make us feel better. This can remind us to get some more sleep, eat a few more veggies, move our bodies more, and to let our bodies relax more. Listening to our bodies can help us to change how we feel and how we live our lives.

There are many ways to reduce our stress levels and it is important to remember that what works for one body many not work for another. So, having patience with ourselves and finding what works for our individual lives is key! Trying to create more stress-free moments in our lives is a great way of showing ourselves love in this new year.

Be sure to share your tips, tricks, and any stress-free goals for 2018 in the comments below! We can’t wait to hear your voices and share more with you, each day.

Happy sharing,


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Digging Deep Into This New Year!

4 years ago by James_Admin

Digging Deep Into This New Year!

Happy 2018! It seems the constant question around a new year is about our resolutions. What will our new year look like? How will we accomplish it? Will we succeed or fall short? This week is the perfect time to take a step back and look at our year through a lense of reality and optimism!


Whether you are a habitual new-year resolution maker, you make new resolutions throughout the year, or you’ve never made any resolutions before, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to get our hands dirty and reflect upon what it is we want to accomplish and experience throughout this new time.

Our intentions can help to shape our outcomes. How we think about ourselves and our abilities can truly make a difference in what we will do. Having a goal in mind can help us to focus on energy and decisions in the direction we would like to move.

So, how can we start?

  1. Reflecting. We cannot begin to move forward if we do not learn from our past. A new year is full of beginnings, but it is also rife with important endings. There are many, basic ways to begin reflecting. Try asking yourself “what? so what? and now-what?”

  1. Starting fresh. Whatever is holding us back from completely moving into the new year should be allotted some attention, now. Physical baggage or emotional, let’s clear it all out so that we can create some space for what is to come in 2018.

  1. Structuring for success. Whether it being creating a new calendar, changing our schedule around,

  1. Writing it all down. Putting our thoughts into words and putting those words onto physical paper can make them more real and even more tangible.

  1. Thinking big, then getting specific. Starting with our end goals, which could be massive or very achievable, and then tapering down into smaller, stepping stones can help us feel less overwhelmed and more inspired by what we have set our to accomplish!

  1. Paying more attention to what makes us happy. Whatever it might be, even in the little moments, the things that make us happy are well worth listening to. This year, we can begin to center our lives around what brings us joy, more than ever before.

  1. Remembering gratitude. While there is much to look forward to and strive for in this year, it is also important to remember just how far we’ve come. We would not be standing where we are now without each and every misstep, mistake, or hurdle. Remembering to appreciate our journey and ourselves can help to remind us of how strong we truly are.

So, however we feel about creating a new-year resolution, we can all do our best to be more intentional about how we will move forward into this year. We can support others while holding ourselves accountable by sharing our ideas, plans, and any tips or tricks!

Let’s learn to be more ourselves than ever in this year, together. Share your 2018 plans and ambitions in the comments below!

Happy growing,


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Self-care reminders as the weather gets colder

While the astronomical winter season does not technically begin until December 21st, for many of us, this week has brought about the cool reminder that winter is indeed coming in the near future. The end of Autumn is the perfect time for taking a little extra care of ourselves as the weather gets colder and the days feel shorter.

The colder months may be magical for some, many others find the dark, colder weather more of a battle than a blessing. Aside from moving to a warmer climate, there is not much we can change about the weather, however, we can change how we react and feel about this winter.

Everyone has their own winter-survival tips, so here are just a few to get started, spark some inspiration, or add to your arsenal!

  1. Taking advantage of the light. As our daylight seems to disappear a bit more each day, it can be important for us to take advantage when the sun is shining. Whether we look out the window during our morning commute instead of looking at our phone or take a moment during a lunch break, letting a little more light in can help ease the transition.

  1. Trying some morning affirmations. Much like when we start a project, having a goal or an intention in mind from the beginning can help us to focus our day in the direction we choose. For some inspiration, take a look here!

  1. Try some eucalyptus in the bathroom. In addition to adding a little friendly green to the room, this plant can improve air quality, and absorb moisture. Steam from the shower also activates the essential oils in eucalyptus, helping to clear lungs, alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve mood!

  1. Going on more walks. Walking in cold weather has many mental and physical benefits, from helping sleep patterns, improving energy levels, reducing inflammation, and helping to fight infection.

  1. Ward off the sniffles. There are many habits that help our bodies fight off unwanted germs, so let’s get them started before the coughs begin! Take a look here for some great tips.

  1. Hibernate, when needed. Whether we notice or not, the seasons tend to impact our natural sleeping patterns, so understanding our needs and planning accordingly can have a tremendous impact on how we feel this winter!

  1. Being gentle with ourselves. When motivation might be lacking and all we want is to stay in bed, sometimes it can be much more useful to allow ourselves a little extra time than to force ourselves out. Listening to our needs is often more important than that email or train schedule.

  1. Getting cozy! Creating a space in our homes where we can relax, unwind, keep warm, and do something we enjoy can create something we look forward to while also helping to keep us feeling safe and happy. So, let’s grab some blankets, a tea, and a good book and snuggle in.

Be sure to share your favourite tips, tricks, and traditions for colder weather in the comments below.

Stay cozy and happy sharing!


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash