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3 signs that technology is enabling the agoraphobic in all of us

Nowadays there is little to no reason to leave your house at all. There are discords instead of discos, ASOS has made House of Fraser seem like a hassle and libraries can be stored on a couple kindles. Whilst I’m sure you’ve all read a thousand articles about how technology is basically rendering human life useless, this week’s blog is dedicated to the trend in technology which gives people less motivation to ever leave the house.

I’m sure most people remember forcing themselves out the house with your friends to go and meet new people. This could be school discos, bars when you’re a bit older or even as far as going to events that you know will be filled with like-minded individuals (Comic Con etc). The trend now has changed a little bit, if you want to meet people who you share interests with you simply share your discord link online and people who are interested can join and chat. Just like that, the need to go out and socialise to expand your social circle is eradicated. Discord is a service similar to skype that is used mostly by gamers just to chat and hangout. The only difference is because Skype is directly linked to your phone if you don’t want anyone and everyone sending messages straight to you, you might want something a bit more temporary. With Discord you can kick people off and the link is only usable whilst you’re online and as soon as you log off it ends. They now have 45 million users, connecting people from all over the world and wildly surpassing any expectations the company had for itself. I think one of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that when the internet and such a large online community is readily available if you have social anxiety then you no longer have to worry about making friends. If you don’t like who you’re talking to or feel uncomfortable you can literally log off and disappear, ideal for someone who struggles when it comes to talking face to face.

The next and probably most obvious way in which technology keeps us in the house is how online shopping has taken a lot of wind out the sails of most retailers. Why go through the hassle of going to the shops when you can search for exactly what you want and find the best price for it in minutes online. This time last year there was a consumer slump that hit most retailers, apart from companies like ASOS who announced a 27% increase in profits. Whilst House of Fraser are having to close down 31 stores up and down the country, ASOS have just invested 40 million USD into the American market.

Over the past few years we have seen a national decline in interest towards libraries. There were 15 million fewer visits to libraries than average in 2016 alone. This isn’t news at all, in fact when we asked Viewsbankers whether or not they ever use libraries 58.8% either said no or that they used to but don’t anymore. 37.4% of Viewsbankers said that they would rent books from Amazon like a library if given a chance, which means 37.4% would do to libraries what ASOS has done to retailers like House of Fraser. Here’s what some of you had to say about this idea:

  • “It would be really helpful if amazon do this, especially for students who need text books to study in college and university” 
  • “I understand that if the initial idea of renting books is successful, Amazon plans to open an instant access centre in major cities, and then possibly in every town. “
  • “Don't think there is anything I would want to rent that I can't get elsewhere.”

With lots of jobs nowadays allowing you to work from home and virtual reality able to take you on rollercoasters in your living room, you can literally have everything you need from the comfort of your own home. I wouldn’t say this actively encourages us to stay within the comfort of our own home, but it certainly enables the side to us that doesn’t want to have to deal with leaving the house.


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I think it is very beneficial in lots of ways. If you are ill/disabled/have mental illness etc the list is very long..then being able to have the same priviledges as people who are able in mind and body is very empowering. An older person may find it incredible difficult to get a weekly shop but with online grocery shopping they have it delivered to their door and taken into the kitchen so this is definitely a plus for technology. Working from home for mothers/fathers is fantastic if they cannot afford childcare and cannot find a workplace that is flexible around their family. Being able to connect with anyone from all walks of life from anywhere in the world is amazing and something that would not be possible without technology. I met my partner through technology, i know for sure i would never have met him if it wasnt for the internet.

The downside for me is where young minds are concerned...children who have access to games/media etc that is too advanced for them can be a big issue. I am very strict with my children but i know lots of parents who aren't and it reflects in how they behave and interact with their peers and their families etc.

Me personally i love tech! i have my shopping delivered, i order from Amazon and other online retailers sometimes with next day delivery with any product i like. I do have kindle and it is fab, im an avid book reader and it is a matter of space! i have had to thin down my bookshelf as over the years it has taken over so with kindle i never have to "thin down" my collection. :) 

Saying that having a nice walk in nature with the breeze blowing, birds singing and smelling freshly cut grass or seeing butterflies or little birdies and going on bike rides or kicking a ball around with the kids can never be replaced with any technology. Some things you have to experience with all your senses. Im sure one day you will have a chip so all these senses are activated but until then i will venture out into nature haha 

Excellent article.  I used to be a keen local library user for finding out things, news, and of course books.

Now I don't go at all - and the last time I looked, all the 'quality' newspapers that were there have been replaced by 'freebies', many of them relating to cultures other than my own.  The staff also appear to have been replaced by machines.

The downside of course is that I no longer have any interaction with people visiting the library with which I mught find some common ground.

I shall be looking at 'Discord'.

Safer to be at home away from the nasty people and moaning customers be safe in your own bubble I say wish I could

I believe everything needs to be in moderation. Online shopping, working from ect, are good ways to take full advantage of modern day tech. However the down sides are it can lead to peoole becoming lazy and unsociable. Simple tasks such as changing the television/song,searching the web ect...Are now done through a bluetooth device? Laziness at its finest, I do worry for the future generation.