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3 things to think about before you book your holiday

3 things you need to think about before you book your holiday

1.Check prices on everything 

Lots of places will claim to give you the best deal, but it’s normally never the case. For example, you may think that you have found a particularly cheap Airbnb and are happy to stay there instead of a hotel. However, by the time you add up the costs of the flights, cleaning services and other hidden charges that can sometimes be found, this isn’t necessarily always the case. 

It’s important to look everywhere, places like British Airways do package deals which include flights (with checked luggage) and hotel rooms with rarely any other hidden costs. You should always be comparing the total cost of your vacation to package deals such as these to make sure you really are getting the best deal on what you want. 

Also, it may be worth trying to be a bit flexible with your dates, changing a day or two can sometimes mean major savings. If you’re like 31.7% of our Viewsbank users and you prefer to stay in the UK, then whilst travel options are predom

inantly cheaper than going abroad, it’s still important to compare cost vs comfort. Driving is normally an easy option but not always the quickest, whilst coaches tend to be average for comfort and a bit slow, but regularly unbeatable in prices You also don’t want the beginning of your holiday to be ruined by a cancelled train, so try to plan ahead. 

2.Popularity of a destination 

Whilst this may seem like an obvious point, some places go in and out of favour in the tourism industry. For example, Amsterdam is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe at the moment, and that wasn’t necessarily the case five years ago. 

If you want to be left alone and don’t feel like being bothered by hordes of tourists, then I’d recommend doing a quick google search to see how popular your destination is. Same goes for if you want a busy holiday with lots of people and things to do (e.g. places of great cultural significance like Rome are guaranteed to be busy).

It’s important to think of what you’re going on holiday for and then pick a destination accordingly. Whether it’s to see a bit of history, relax or go exploring. 


If you plan on doing any excursions on your holiday, always check online for recommendations. It’s easy once you arrive anywhere to get enticed by sweet talking locals. Just keep in mind that it is very likely that you’ll be approached in the street because they haven’t got anyone else to fill in their tour. If you’re interested in doing any sort of excursion, then check online and read all the reviews. If at all possible, try and use a third-party website so that all the bad reviews aren’t hidden by the tourist company. 

See what some of our Viewsbank members had to say when we asked them whether they preferred going on holiday in or outside the UK:

·      “I have a favourite place in Majorca, but I also have places I love in the UK especially in Devon and Cornwall”

·      “My dream would be 3 weeks in New Zealand then 1 in Australia visiting family. The reality is 2 weeks in the Highlands, and that's great too.

·      “Always loved the Pontins and Butlins”

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Depends on where and how we want to go on holiday.

We always strive to get the most competitive deals going, whether it’s a land holiday or a cruise.

I don’t understand what’s the fuss about air bnb is as once you’ve factored in flights, car, etc it’s as expensive as just getting a gîte or a villa from a travel agent.

or... get in your camper van, drive somewhere, if you like the look of it, go into a pub for a meal and ask if you can stay overnight n the car park and if so you'll buy a drink...  saves all this mucking about with flights, hotels etc. 

Like anything, always read the small print for hidden extras!

Tend to self cater as it gives more flexibility but half board if staying in hotels abroad. If you can take holidays at short notice there are plenty of good deals to be had. Never tried airbnb but have known people who have and given positive feedback.