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3 Top Tips for Saving Money Online

When it comes to money saving online, it feels as though it is easy to get flooded with irrelevant information. According to a recent poll, 36% of you could spend up to 20 minutes looking for deals online, with 24% saying you could look for up to a whole hour and only 8% saying that you never look for deals. 

Most of us like a bargain, but with the lack of time available in our busy schedules, it can be hard to discover those amazing deals that are definitely out there.

With the help of our members and research of our own, we’ve come up with 3 top tips to help you save more money online.  


1)    Use cashback websites

Cashback websites are free to join and, according to our most recent poll, the most popular amongst our users is TopCashback.co.uk, with 22% saying that they use this website exclusively. Essentially, how it works is that you use their website to browse thousands of retailers and whatever purchases you make they earn commission on. This is then added as cashback to you so that you can make earnings on your shopping. One of our users said, “Anything I'm going to buy from an online shop, I check if they are on a Cashback site before purchasing and then you get the same deal plus a little bonus. No brainer I think.”. Another popular site amongst our Viewsbank members is Quidco.

2)   Plan holidays using money saving websites

Whilst planning a holiday it’s easy to get enticed by the first flights we see, especially if we’re excited to just get away! It’s important to be aware that the first deal you see isn’t always the best.  There are lots of websites out there that will do all the digging for you. Companies like Skyscanner and Expedia will compare everything for you, with one of our users saying, “£480 return to Cambodia. Skyscanner did me proud!”. 

Be sure to go through the listings as sometimes websites can be paid to place certain brands at the top of their listings, even though it may not necessarily be the best deal. 

3)   Price comparison sites

I’m sure we’re all very familiar with a certain meerkat, however, we had our Viewsbank members tell us exactly which ones they found the most useful when it came to actual savings. 14.6% of users told us that Comparethemarket.com was the only website they used when it came to finding bargains, and a close second was MySupermarket.co.uk with 12.7%. If you’re not like the 27.2% of users who will scour the internet until they’re sure they have the best deal, then our recommendation is to at least check those two. 

Here is what some of our members had to say:

“When I find a good price for an item online it gives me a little triumph”

“I’m an online shop addict”

“Love those meerkats!”          

How else do you save money? Let us know in the comments below. 



Genuine money saving tips are always welcome, so thanks for the useful advice.

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