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3 ways to trick yourself into cooling down

With this year’s heat wave set to stick around for another month, I know that I personally have been looking for easier ways to be cooler (because nothing else seems to be working). After some research I discovered there are things you can do all by yourself to feel cooler. 

1)   Wear Blue

Although most of us would have been told to be apparelled in white this summer, this may not actually be the way forward. Psychologists suggest that a light blue will keep you the coolest this summer, due to the fact that not only does it have a cold association in the brain (when your brains sees blue it automatically lowers heart rate, decreasing temperature) but it also reflects UV light. Also, as the most breathable fabric, linen is another fashion choice you may want to consider or combine the two and be a walking glacier. 

2)   Chew gum

We’re all very aware of the cooling effect that menthol can have on the mouth. This is most prevalent whenever you finish chewing some gum and take a sip of water. The cooling effect that menthol or mint has stretches far beyond the taste buds however, and it has a similar effect to wearing blue in the sense that you brain associates that cool menthol taste with being cooler, and therefore signals that’s you’re cooler then you really are.. Not only can you walk around with the confidence that you have superior smelling breathe to everyone else, but you can also reap the benefits of coping just a little bit better in this seemingly never-ending heat wave. 

3)   Think cool thoughts before bed

Although it seems almost cliché at this point to suggest that, research has shown that if you allow yourself to day dream about being cool or going to cool places that your body does actually react to it and cools itself down. We asked our Viewsbankers last week whether or not they ever “think cool thoughts” to try and cool down and there were lots of different opinions about the usefulness of this method. Here were some of our favourite responses:

  • “When I was a kid I'd hold my wrists under ice cold running water to cool down, so I close my eyes and remember how well it worked and it seems to work without the water too!
  • “No, I love the heat, don't want to cool down. It can stay like this forever and I'd be happy!”
  • “Thinking cool thoughts does work for me some of the time, but never in high humidity”.


What do you think? Let us know your comments down below!



i understand where your coming from with your methods, but what about when you heat back up again? those methods are only short term and you cant repeat them all day long. What about on very warm and muggy night time? ive tried to sleep on top of the bed with 2 ice filled hot water bottles but it doesnt take all that long for your body to warm the bottles back up....it's like fighting a losing battle.


I keep cool by drinking cold water. I think you can think yourself cool or hot psychologically. It works for me.

Drink lots of water or cold beer yummy 

Drinking hot drinks on a hot day actually cools your temperature down personally I couldn't tho

I prefer to drink hot cacao just before going to bed.

I remember placing my wrists under running water to cool down, when I was a child. I also find, placing my feet in a bowl of cold water helps. When I was a child (and now), there was nothing more refreshing than paddling in a cool river/stream on a hot day.

Apart from the cold water on wrists, I keep jugs of water in the fridge for constant cold drinks and for splashing my face and neck. Heavy housework can wait and I'm only cooking quick meals, the oven doesn't get used.

Sit in the shade.