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Are people fed up with subscription services?

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Unless you've been living under a very large rock, you'll surely be aware of the massive growth in subscription based services over the last few years. You probably even subscribe to one or more yourself. In fact, you told us that you do - last week's Omnibus survey asked a set of questions around subscription based services, and out 1,011 natonally representative responses, over half of you (52%) subscribe to Netflix, while just 18% don't use any on demand/subscription based services - and that's just for TV!

What we really want to know though, is are people getting fed up of subscription based services? It's easy to think about the big well known services, particularly for TV and Music (Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime etc.) but the rise in subscription based services has also seen a huge surge in other products available by subscription, as companies rush to jump on the bandwagon and part you from your hard earned cash each month and indeed for the foreseeable future, unless cancelled of course and usually after a free trial. A quick internet search or a trawl through any social media platform and you'll likely be offered subscription based services for all kinds of things from shaving products to beer, coffee to socks - you really can subscribe to seemingly anything these days. It's a great business model after all - get you in with a cheap or free introductory offer, and then hopefully retain your custom for many months or even years to come, providing the company in question with a healthy regular income.

It may seem like a good idea at the time of the free trial or introductory offer, and of course if you do use and enjoy the product regularly then subcriptions often offer excellent value. However, many people find that they end up with multiple subscriptions that they may not fully utilise, while the money just keeps coming out of their account month after month while they forget to cancel it.

As part of our Omnibus this week, we thought we'd find out if there is still an appetite out there for additional subscriptions, or whether companies are now starting to take things too far. Across a range of product categories, we asked members whether they currently had a subscription, might consider one, or would never consider one for the product type in question. While some of the results were not suprising (music subscriptions were the most popular), it was interesting to see that, for example, both Beauty Boxes and Shaving products had a high proportion of members who told us they would never consider taking subscription for them. Hard to believe condsidering the number of these subscripton boxes already avalable on the market.

What do you think about subscription services? How many do you have and are you getting fed up of them? Or, do you prefer the flexibility subscription services offer? Let us know in the comments! Results table from this part of the survey available below.


I personally do not have ANY subscription services.  For one I cant afford them, the other if I want something I go out and buy it.  Whenever I see these subscription services, they normally include lots of things I would never buy, along with one or two that I would.

I am in the same situation and totally agree with this philosophy.

do not like subsciption services



My Subscription Service is a Grey area one.  I do not rely on it 100%, if it works, fine, if not then I use my Basic Cable Service.  I also run my own Media Centre on an old PC.  This has allowed me to put my very extensive collection of CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Rays on it so they are available with the click of a button.  I also record from My Motorised Satellite System, putting these on the Media Centre as well. There is always something to watch.

The only subscriptions I ever had were for magazines from my local newsagent, which I stopped long ago. There are very few things I buy on a regular basis, certainly not enough to warrant using a subscription service, so the introductory offers and/or discounted prices do nothing to attract my custom. In fact, if anything, I'm more likely to be put off buying if these offers are pushed in my face too much.

The only thing I might be tempted by is music downloads, but being more interested in unsigned bands these days, there's more legitimate free music downloads for that out there than you can shake a stick at. Why bother with the likes of Amazon Music and iTunes? When I do buy music, it's normally purchased directly from the bands themselves to ensure they get paid, rather than some big record boss.

I do not subscribed to services it's a lazy way to spend money

I don’t subscribe anything I just don’t have money to splash about 

I don't mind subscribing to things I'm interested in I don't have a mind to be bothered now.  Old age is sitting in so if it free I will subcribe if it's not then no incase I forget to cancel!


Not intrtested in any, as i do not see the need for them.

No interest just go out and buy as needed.

I wouldn't buy subscription boxes of any sort. It ties you down to having something you wouldn't normally bother with.  If I want something I'll go out and buy it myself.

I won a years subscription to glossy box.which was nice.but alot of the items I gave away as I just didn't use them.
I wouldn't of paid for a subscription to be honest.

Had one for wine but the value decreased gradually so I ditched it!

Not my thing at all, I don’t subscribe to anything. I’m of the opinion that I will go out and buy it if I need it but only when I’m ready and in need.

Too many subscription services out there, it is not a case of buying something and that is it, I had to speak to sky today to reshedule a visit (which did not work) and they were trying me to get sports, kids channels.  I said I did not need it and the answer was I would not get a better price.  I still did not take them up.  To me I just have what is needed and do not need all the extras which others may want.

We have Sky TV, but otherwise do use not any other type of subsciption.  I cannot see that we would sign up to any of these in the future.  I live in a small rurtal village which has few services, but the nearest town is only four miles away.  We do order goods and services from the internet, and have no problems with these.

I think there are too many companies using subscription services usually at a reduced rate for a certain amount of time. People sign up and then forget to stop the subscription

I think it depends on what you sign up for

I have no interest in subscription services, I just buy things as and when I need them.  I cannot afford to sign up to all these things.

I have no interest in these, I forget to cancel many times!

I have a few products on Subscribe and Save from Amazon, that I find quite useful.. eg air conditioner refills, shampoo, batteries. The sorts of things I use all the time. The prices are competitive and they are delivered for free.  I generally have them on a 2 month delivery plan, but they always email before they are due to be sent out and if I need to postpone for a month or miss a delivery altogether it is very easy.

Because we're miles from any shops we subscribe to magazines and Amazon prime for free delivery. We also have a wine club subscription but only use it about twice a year. I've tried hello fresh food boxes at my daughter in law's and was impressed.

I subscribe to a few things. I think they're great, a few magazines I'm interested in, my husband gets shaving stuff, I tired one, but turned out to be a mens razor too, (oops!), a food subscription too, which we love. All good value as we would buy them anyway. Tried loo paper and didn't like it (so cancelled), just ordered a trial for washing machine tabs, which are good value... we'll see.

I’ve paid for Netflix for 3 months now for two TVs. After watching it for 2 months it’s disappeared off one of them and I can’t get it back. Help!

i have a subscription to Spotify. Its 100% worth it and i think its a good way to start a business - monthy payments

I don't know


My main subscription is to BBC iPlayer, but I also have one to 'Graze', which I have no difficulty remembering to defer boxes when I really don't need more snacks, due to the length of time I've had a sub. with them.  Apart from those, like others in this forum, I don't have money to splash about.

It's true


Never ever used prescription services

i dont mind them

My only subscription is for Netflix which I admit that I don.t use often enough to justify. l consider them generally to be a waste of money.

Its only you tube for me. enough

Not something I indulge in

I don't subscribe anybting, it's a waste of my hard earned money. 

Not really I don't think I'm ok at the moment thanks Jill

I don't mind them 

I do t have any subscription. I try to save myself money by avoiding them.

i think there is so much choice out there.but prices need to come down during these days of lockdown

I think there is to much choice and they need to cut it back a little

Yes there is so many chices to chose  from, it needs to be looked at and changing the prices so everyone can afford it 

I dislike them.

It depends on how often one sees or wants to participate 

Useful nowadays


I dislike them