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Bringing in the Easter-Weekend Rejuvenation!

Today, many of us here in the UK celebrate Easter. Some of us celebrate for religious purposes, some for cultural purposes, and some of us just appreciate the extra day off from work. While there are many reasons we may or may not celebrate this holiday, we can all use today as an observance and a marker for ourselves and where we are in our lives.

The Easter holiday and the season of Spring bring in aspects of rebirth and rejuvenation. These themes tend to be overlooked in our lives and could use a little more thought and introspection every once in awhile. This is the perfect moment to look back at our past selves, where we are now, and where we see ourselves growing and changing.


Here are some short and sweet ways to go about doing this on today’s bank holiday and every other day!


  1. Asking ourselves the tougher questions. Re-evaluating our daily life is difficult and rarely done. Taking a moment to sit down and actually think about if our day-to-day life makes us and others happy is important.


  1. Find a space for others. Thinking about how can we help others in our daily lives not only brings us closer to others, but to ourselves as well.  


  1. Being more patient and kind with ourselves. Remembering that each and every one of us is always growing and always learning. We don’t have all of the answers right now and that okay.


  1. Paying attention to our bodies- not how we look, but how we feel. Do you feel strong, healthy, and prepared for life? Do you need to move a little more? Do you need to be a little more gentle? Do you need to fill it with cleaner foods? Take a breath and listen. If you need a little post-Easter detox, here’s a few tips.


  1. Setting a few intentions. Asking ourselves where we want to be and how would we would like to feel by the end of this month, in the next few months, and by the end of the year can change everything. What would we like to accomplish? Would we like to see anything in particular change? Just finding a word or phrase in our minds can help us to achieve these goals.


  1. Share! Our joy, progress, difficulties, and lives can be supported and strengthened by sharing them with others. We learn from ourselves and others by sharing. When we open ourselves up, true change can happen. Don’t be afraid to share more of your genuine self with others.


Share your thoughts and advice for this rejuvenating long-weekend in the comments below!


We can’t wait to hear your voice.


Happy sharing!





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