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Bringing a little more relaxation into summer

Most of us know the summer season to be a time for vacation, time off work, and more time with friends and family. While in theory, we may think of these things as relaxing, in reality, these shifts in schedule and added pressure to fit in activities and holidays can often add to our stress level rather than reducing it.

There are many ways to reduce stress and to bring in more mindfulness, but many of us do not have the time, patience, or desire to begin meditating every day. So, what can we do to fully enjoy the summer and to actually relax more often than not?

We can start right now, exactly where we are, exactly as we feel.

  1. Slowing down. No matter what we find ourselves doing, there is always room for taking a step back and clearing our heads. Deep breaths in a quiet space can truly shift our entire mindset for the day.

  1. Taking what comes. When we realise that plans rarely ever go exactly as we want, we allow ourselves to appreciate what happens naturally. There may be unexpected events, twists, and turns this summer, and that is all a part of the adventure.

  1. Letting go. The tighter we try to hold onto our ideas of perfection, happiness, or how things should be, the more we set ourselves up for failure. When we work to let go of these concepts, we create more space for

  1. Laughing a little more. If we find ourselves stuck doing something we would rather not do, we can either be upset or we can laugh. How we react to the situations around us makes the difference in how we, and even others, feel. The choice is completely ours.

  1. Sharing with others! Whatever we find that helps us to keep more presence and joy in our summer, no matter the circumstance, weather, event, or surrounding, we can share this knowledge with others. We never know who we might be helping.

Share your thoughts, tips, and experiences for keeping relaxation in your summer in the comments below!

We can’t wait to learn more from you.

Happy sharing!


Photo by Phoebe Dill on Unsplash