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Could We All Use A Little More Poetry In Our Lives?

April is National Poetry Month, helping us to bring our awareness to how we are expressing ourselves. This month allows us the opportunity to dive deeper into understanding ourselves and how we interact with our inner world as well as our outer world. Are we expressing ourselves enough? Are we using the words, energy, or values we aim for? Could we be living a little more poetically?

Poetry is a reflection of the dance we are all a part of. It has been said that a poem is “a thing made,” and a poet is the “ the maker of things.” Poetry is about creation, delving into ourselves and bringing what we find out into the world. In this, we are allowed to express our utter individuality while simultaneously showing us our intense connection to all of humanity. We are able to see the most personal parts of ourselves while also connecting with others. In many of our lives, this is a rare are crucial experience. By moving closer to ourselves, we move closer to one another.   


What if I don’t like poetry?

We can look at poetry as merely a form of storytelling. As humans, it is deeply embedded within our nature to tell our stories and to share our experiences with one another. We learn as we share, helping us to grow individually and together. If the “traditional” sort of poetry is not for you, be aware that there are different forms of poetry, including many types of music.


The rhythmic structure woven into poetry breaks many of the barriers usually contained in language. While the words carry meaning, those who do not know the language of the poem, including very young children, are still able to participate, experiencing the rhythm and tones. Poetry opens doors, helping us to share our stories across borders, even those of language.


The value of any artistic expression, such a poetry, within our lives can be indescribable. Exploring through art has been proven to be incredibly effective in healing trauma, strengthening our sense of self, our connection to who we are, how we understand ourselves and how we understand the world around us. Poetry builds resilience in children and adults, fostering social and emotional learning. Utilising poetry, we can further express ourselves and accept the true expressions of others. We become more aware, more empathetic, and more connected to ourselves and one another.


So, how can we do more of this in our daily lives?


  1. Start reading more poetry- try looking at Poetry Daily for a new poem every day!


  1. Begin or increase your own writing! If you’re looking for a little inspiration, take a look at these 12 Ways To Write a Poem


  1. Purchase power- support more local poets by donating to poetry-related organisations, buying poetry books, and supporting local book stores


  1. If you’re around children- introducing and supporting them in valuing poetry, both of their own creation and from others. Studying poetry from different aspects in a fun and interactive way is key!


  1. Being more mindful of poetry in our lives- listen to the words, feel the rhythms, notice the stories that are being told around you, and be particularly mindful of those you are telling.


So, what does it mean to live more poetically? The answers are completely up to each of us. We all decide how we want our dance to look and feel, just as we choose the stories we tell.


We can’t wait to hear more of yours. Share some forms of poetry in the comments below!


Happy sharing!





Silver Frame


It stands in plain view.

Melancholy polishes

its scratched surface.

To hold it invites tears.

We are all still here, they cry,






Swatches of memory, warm

with the patina of the past,

slip through the glass

and enfold my spirit.

They whisper of childhood,

they were the velvet years.



This frame is not silver -

it is lustrous gold,

chased with rubies and emeralds,

drenched with jasmine,

rippling with the songs

of innumerable days.

Thank you so much for sharing your words, elizabethhull! This is wonderful! 

My 2 favourite modern day poets are John Darwin and Attila the Stockbroker.

You should read some of their's, err.... poetry as they say.