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Covid-19 in Numbers at Viewsbank

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We’ve nearly made it. The end of 2020 is just a few weeks away and a vaccine is on the horizon – it would appear that the end of the pandemic is getting closer. At least that’s what we’re all hoping for once we get this bleak looking winter out of the way.

I thought it would be an appropriate time to reflect on the views of our Viewsbank members, and how they may or may not have changed over the last few months as the situation has developed.

As you’re likely aware, we have been running some Covid-19 related questions in our weekly Omnibus throughout the course of the year, in order to gain an understanding of certain aspects of 2020 life, including how the government has handled events so far, and the level of concern among our members.

There have been lots of ups and downs throughout the course of the year – mostly downs unfortunately – although things did appear to take a turn for the better in early summer, when the first lockdown was gradually eased and cases of Covid-19 appeared to be falling. I think of the all the “buzzwords” we’ve seen throughout the year so far, the one that most sums it up for me is probably uncertainty. That word has been bounced around quite a bit and it would appear with good reason.

If you can remember back to the early part of the year when this all began and the first lockdown was looming, absolutely nobody appeared to have any idea what was going on. Initially it was thought there would be disruption for around 3 months, which seems completely laughable now after what we’ve all been through. We then had Boris telling us that he hoped for “significant normality by Christmas” and now we’re being told that “significant normality” is more likely to be around Easter time. Combine that with everything that has been cancelled this year (and next) and that word “uncertainty” seems to ring more and more true.

Let’s look back then at some of stats from our Omnibus surveys over the last few months. I’m comparing the number from three different surveys; one in early May, during the first lockdown, one from July as restrictions were easing and also the most recent one from last week. For reference, our Omnibus surveys a nationally representative sample of approximately 1,000 people.

One of the first questions we ask in our Covid section of the Omnibus is how concerned our members are about the pandemic. We saw that back in April some 82% of you were either concerned or very concerned about the pandemic. There were a lot of unknowns back then, and indeed unbeknown to us we were still very much in the early days, and so a high level of concern makes total sense. Compare that to 77% (July) and 76% (November), and you can see that while concern has dropped a little amongst our members, it’s still at a fairly high level despite a vaccine apparently being around the corner. The slight drop off could come from perhaps those who at least feel they know what to expect with the pandemic having gone on as long as it has.

Another interesting question to look at is around the Government’s response to the pandemic – specifically regarding how the Government has dealt with the UK outbreak. We asked you to rank the Government on this from “Not impressed at all” (1), to “Very impressed” (5). The average score back in May was 3.3, so the majority of people thinking the Government had done an OK job up to that point – perhaps not a brilliant one compared with the likes of New Zealand, but also not too terrible. Fast forward a few months and the average score dips to 2.6 (July) and then 2.4 (November), so much closer to “Unimpressed”. While the Government’s score hasn’t exactly fallen off a cliff then, it certainly appears to be heading in the wrong direction as time passes, with more and more of our members feeling dissatisfied with the way things are being handled.

One thing that is more certain though, is that we’ll continue to monitor the situation through our Omnibus surveys as the pandemic develops and (hopefully) draws to a close next year.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear more from you and specifically your thoughts on how concerned you are about the pandemic, the Government’s response and how your opinion has changed throughout the course of the year. Let us know in the comments below – we can’t wait to hear from you!


thanks for this info, very interesting. I am still moderately concerned about the pandemic and feel sorry in a way for the Government who have not had any experience of this kind before and are still blind as to what they should do. However it is the Government that we look to for guidance in times of trouble and they really have not done very well in issuing good advice. My opinion has not changed apart from hoping that our staying alert, wearing masks and social distancing and washing of hands frequently would eventually get rid of Covid, I still live in hope that these things will eventually work but we all have to be of one mind.

This year I was looking forward to so many things More 4 day breaks to keep up our walking .I was unwell for what seemrd like months following a stroke and had just got bck into walking mode ,being able to walk 6 miles where it used to be 26.Now ...just a stroll leaves me puffing ! Once again we have to try again and remember not to slip-up with our new virus proof hygiene levels and let Covid in .Thank God for our scientists and their break through .Just a bit longer and things will be less frightening .But no letting Covid ge the upper hand .

Bit like New, makes some good reading, lets hope the news today is the first of mant good bits

we hope good news

I am one of those that is not concerned about the virus but very concerned with the Governments reaction. We have spent billions under the phrase of protecting the NHS and yet the infection and mortality rate does not seem to be at a level to warrant that expenditure and damage to our social structures. I am more aware of friends and acquaintances been made redundant than been infected with covid-19. I think the stats are starting to show a move towards this way of thinking rather than the fear factor of Hospitals not been able to cope.

Great great news today

I have been very concerned as I work in a care home so have probably taken things more seriously than a lot of people. I am very excited about the vaccine. I want my life back and to go on holidays again, hug people etc.  Personally I have been happy with how the government have handled it. I personally think whoever had been in power would have faced the same problems. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

So true.

Waiting for the Oxford one.

The Americans want to microchip their ex-service personnel by injecting them, so they can track them. Don't fancy being microchipped so some spook in America can track me.

I think that at some time in the future everybody will be micro-chipped, maybe at birth. No need to carry a drving licence, passport, I.D., etc just a wave of a scanner or a walk anywhere that will covered by sensors and no-one will be invisible! Scary, isn't it?

May the year 2021 be a good year, we hope good news

Yes, you are right Anne M. 'Hindsight is a wonderful thing'.  This pandemic has been such a great learning curve for medics, scientists and governments. Yet so many people seem to love maligning the authorities, who haven't previously had experience of a similar disaster. We all have to learn by experience. 

Thank you Viewsbank
I'd like to take thus opportunity to wish all VB staff, their families and members on here a Very Merry Safe Christmas and a pandemic lockdown free 2021

Please God let us have our lives back to normal .

It's months since it was mentioned that Vitamin D could play a part in boosting the immune system and only about a week since it was announced more reseach was going to be done.Also vulnerable people may get it free.I've been taking it for years on advice of my doctor so this really interests me .We must do everything we can to fight this pandemic and if something like this can help it has to be a good thing.I noticed our branch of Bodycare has been out of the tablets for  afew weeks now so it is catching on.

I have taken the view that I don't like being ill and although no-one knows exactly what will keep us safe I am willing to follow whatever rules the government put in place.  It has annoyed me that many people have brought politics into the way they view the govenment's actions; it is important in times of crisis (and we are in the middle of one) that we strip out the unnecessary differences between us and concentrate on what unites us: united we stand, divided we fall. 

Who'd have believed in early March that the whole world would be affected by this dreadful virus and that we'd still be in such chaos in December? And who dares guess how long it can continue?
So many people have lost loved ones, family and friends, lost work, money, businesses and livelihoods. Recovery will be long and tough.
I just hope that next year is better and we will see the end of this evil disease.

I hope good news

I hope goodnew too

Is there ever going to be a normal day again 

Who'd have thought in March that we'd still be thinking about Covid19 at the end of the year? We have no real idea of when it will end and become a mere memory. It must be incredibly difficult to manage the country and I pity the party with that responsibility, here or in any other country. Outstanding key workers have done all they can to keep us alive, fed, transported and protected. Just hope next year is better than 2020. 

I was more concerned about the pandemic in the earlier part of the year because we didn't know as much as we do now. I was feeling more optimistic about Christmas and the New Year but today's increase to tier 4 for London and the South East has increased my anxiety about the entire pandemic again.

As far as the government and Boris Johnson I can only support them as I know if I was PM it'd be a difficult time and I'd be torn in which decisions to make for good or bad. My heart or my head? Boris is a human being, not a robot. He can only try to make the best decisions for the country based on information he's given and the advice from SAGE, Chris Witty, etc. Classic example is the whole Christmas thing. Less than 2 days ago he said that Christmas could still go ahead but then on Friday he becomes aware of the speed of transmission of this new mutation. The only sensible thing to do is to change the decision on Christmas and put the areas with the highest and quickest covid transmission in to an immediate lockdown. He's not doing this out of spite to spoil people's lives, he's trying to save lives so people can experience Christmas in coming years. I was unsure about Boris when he became PM but I have to admit he's made difficult decisions which others may have struggled with. He's committed as much money as he can and resources to support as many of the population through this crisis.
I'm worried, anxious and scared but I'm not as worried, anxious or scared as I would be if we had a PM and government who couldn't make those difficult and almost impossible decisions on my/our behalf.