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D I S C O, the word on everyone’s lips. Or so I thought…

It’s a Friday afternoon in the office and my brain has begun to wander to the joys of the weekend and what is has in store. Like many people, I enjoy listening to music to ‘get me in the mood’ for the weekend and what better way to kick off your Friday evening than going back to the 70’s, putting on my imaginary flares and cranking up some Sister Sledge.

Not wanting anyone else to miss out on the fun I was having, I decided to share a few songs/playlists with colleagues. It was at this point I was left speechless, when people didn’t start to share in the joy.

“Nobody likes 70’s music anymore!”

“You’re the only person who likes Disco”

“Stop sending me links to music I don’t like”

Unbeknown to me, it turns out that not everyone loves Disco music and I may be (a little) annoying… However, not one to go down without a fight I stood up for my musical tastes, exclaiming that my colleagues were still a part of the minority.

The power of ViewsBank meant that we had the perfect tool to settle this argument and to not spend all afternoon going back and forth with a team of stubborn people!

The stakes were set; for myself and the Disco lovers to come through, I needed 50% of respondents to agree with the statement “I like and listen to disco music”. Should this win, the non-disco lovers of the office would agree to listen back to back with an hour-long Disco playlist that I had crafted

However, should there be less than 50% of people agreeing with me, I would lose. Tail between my flares, fake afro removed and never to mention the topic again.

1,786 people joined the debate, I needed 893 to support me. Heartbreak for myself and the disco lovers, we fell 95 short! With only 44.7% of people agreeing with me…


Whilst this may have felt like a defeat, the spirt of disco will go on. A special mention to ‘JenX’ -  “Disco music always cheers me up and gets me motivated to do something useful” and her motivational disco. To ‘Mazbev’, who appreciates how Disco can make a bad evening a great evening “… now I’m singing and dancing on this freezing cold, Friday evening”. Lastly, to a new role model of mine, ‘Hoopy1888’ “Sitting in Gold disco pants as I write”.

The magical playlist I created was not shared around the office, however I thought this was too good to waste. So, to the 44% who already love Disco, I hope something you like made the cut, and to the 56% who were indifferent or dislike Disco, I hope that you try some of these songs and hopefully I can change your mind before a re-vote! It contains a mix of everything from the 70s to current day;

  1. Diana Ross - The Boss
  2. Sister Sledge - Greatest Dancer (Dimitri from Paris remix)
  3. Gladys Knight & The Pips - Taste of Bitter Love
  4. Loose Change - Straight From the Heart (Joey Negro remix)
  5. Phylis Hyman - You Know How To Love Me
  6. Sister Sledge - Lost in Music (Dimitri from Paris remix)
  7. Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning
  8. Shapeshifters - Try My Love on For Size
  9. Aretha Franklin - Get it Right
  10. Change - Glow of Love
  11. Change - Angel in My Pocket
  12. Lovebirds - Want You in My Soul
  13. Linda Clifford - Shoot Your Best Shot

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My love of music died with disco ...

Having to endure disco was the price I had to pay ..... well, that's where all the girls were !

Still do a disco show on community radio. Can't understand why people don't like it. It's music with a happy heartbeat' rather than the angst ridden tripe that is today's music

It always makes me feel good if it's a disco song I really like but have just listened briefly to everyone on this list and the only one I like is Sister Sledge 'Greatest Dancer' - the rest are a bit bland compared to many others there are. I'm a progressive rock fan (mainly 70s/80s) but do appreciate other genres.

I loved disco music when I was the age in the 70's but I can't stand it now although I still love the 'normal' 70's music

I'm only 28 but I have listened to my mum playing and singing to 60's and 70's music all my life and there were some real crackers! 

They don't make music like this these days.

What a list! I'm going to listen to them all, non-stop from 1-13, and I'll be disco dancing all the time. Just hope nobody's watching. Exciting!

I'm more into 80's up to current music, but I still like some of the songs from the 70's.

Current disco music really sucks , it lacks taste and is just noisy

Just a noise fuddles your brain.


Love disco music. What a great playlist!

Great playlist I’d love to go somewhere again where they played disco music

I'm not particularly the "biggest" fan of disco if I must say. There's a few that are a good bop, but if I'm being honest, my music taste is not exactly... Disco friendly

I'm more into the likes of Green Day and Nirvana - something you can belt out and jump up and down to, whilst simultaneously headbanging (or rather, trying your best to headbang)

I do think that disco is coming back however. A lot of my friends at university (who are typically my age range) go to clubs and bars that play a lot of 70s/80s music and they seem to like it a lot so, maybe it's becoming popular again among young people?

Don't really know sorry Jill

great music,now we get rap with a silent c


I don't really know sorry

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It's just a noise for me.