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Digging Deep Into This New Year!

Happy 2018! It seems the constant question around a new year is about our resolutions. What will our new year look like? How will we accomplish it? Will we succeed or fall short? This week is the perfect time to take a step back and look at our year through a lense of reality and optimism!


Whether you are a habitual new-year resolution maker, you make new resolutions throughout the year, or you’ve never made any resolutions before, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to get our hands dirty and reflect upon what it is we want to accomplish and experience throughout this new time.

Our intentions can help to shape our outcomes. How we think about ourselves and our abilities can truly make a difference in what we will do. Having a goal in mind can help us to focus on energy and decisions in the direction we would like to move.

So, how can we start?

  1. Reflecting. We cannot begin to move forward if we do not learn from our past. A new year is full of beginnings, but it is also rife with important endings. There are many, basic ways to begin reflecting. Try asking yourself “what? so what? and now-what?”

  1. Starting fresh. Whatever is holding us back from completely moving into the new year should be allotted some attention, now. Physical baggage or emotional, let’s clear it all out so that we can create some space for what is to come in 2018.

  1. Structuring for success. Whether it being creating a new calendar, changing our schedule around,

  1. Writing it all down. Putting our thoughts into words and putting those words onto physical paper can make them more real and even more tangible.

  1. Thinking big, then getting specific. Starting with our end goals, which could be massive or very achievable, and then tapering down into smaller, stepping stones can help us feel less overwhelmed and more inspired by what we have set our to accomplish!

  1. Paying more attention to what makes us happy. Whatever it might be, even in the little moments, the things that make us happy are well worth listening to. This year, we can begin to center our lives around what brings us joy, more than ever before.

  1. Remembering gratitude. While there is much to look forward to and strive for in this year, it is also important to remember just how far we’ve come. We would not be standing where we are now without each and every misstep, mistake, or hurdle. Remembering to appreciate our journey and ourselves can help to remind us of how strong we truly are.

So, however we feel about creating a new-year resolution, we can all do our best to be more intentional about how we will move forward into this year. We can support others while holding ourselves accountable by sharing our ideas, plans, and any tips or tricks!

Let’s learn to be more ourselves than ever in this year, together. Share your 2018 plans and ambitions in the comments below!

Happy growing,


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I've found that not telling anyone about my resolutions works best. I've already blown the bed before midnight plan for this year.
But I am going to be wherever my family needs me, whatever and whenever they ask. I realise how important they are and it's good to be needed too.

hmm for some not for all, some families can't wait to kick you out and not bother with you when you've done alot for them, and been there for you mum and brothers and sisters when mum and dad split up, they don't want people outside to know they want this so they stay nice in front of them. i realised some people not all when they have gained things they did'nt have they don't respect relationships, and to maintain the relationships they only want money and whatever they do they think they are right and if you tell them you are wrong they think your husband and in laws are brain washing you, it's sad people  think this way. Anyway i don't make new year's resolutions but i hope to move in a place of my own with my baby, away from all this family nonsense.

Enjoy your own place and your baby!

thanks I will enjoy my new place with my baby

I dont normally make any new year resolutions but after not talking to a friend had for more than 25 years for over 4 months I did and picked up the phone this weekend and had a good 40 minute chat, is both our birthdays within few days this month but did ask why she had not phoned me either as works both ways, just cos me after so long being without a girlfriend I have now had one for just over 2 years now.

I make one or more resolutions every year, which I don't tend to tell anyone. One year I mentioned it in passing to my OH and it got brought up & thrown in my face as a failure on a regular basis. He is NOT a mean person, but genuinely couldn't see why I wasn't doing what I said I'd do.

The thing is, I keep trying, Samuel Beckett said it best:

'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.'

never had and never will do a new years resoloution