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Get Ready For Earth Day!

In our day to day lives, we often forget to take a step back and actually see the world around us. Nature is accessible to each of us in our daily lives, most often when we do not realise it. No matter how seemingly small those few seconds under a tree, feeling the breeze on our skin, feeling the rain or sunshine, if we begin bringing our attention to them, these moments impact us deeply. These instances have the power to change our mood, impact our health, and shift the ways we interact with one another. Bringing our attention to how nature interacts with us each and every day allows us to appreciate all that the earth does for us.

At the most basic level, the earth is our home, it is the reason we are alive and the reason we are able to enjoy each and every tiny moments, as well as the more grand experiences we have in nature. Whether or not you consider yourself to be a nature-lover, we can all benefit from more time outdoors, more time appreciating our surroundings, and more time caring for the natural spaces around us.


Why is it important for all of us to celebrate earth day? There are so many wonderful reasons to celebrate this day that we feel deeply in our gut. Each of us resides here, it is at the essence of our being, the connector between all of us. We all have a stake in protecting, caring for, and taking part in celebrating the earth around us.


So, without pushing the (great) but age-old tip of planting a tree on Earth Day, how can we take part tomorrow?


  1. Take a look at your method of transport for the day! We can all do our best to re-evaluate how we get around and whether or not this is the most energy-efficient option. Try this travel calculator to see how you’re doing and what your options are!


  1. Take a look at your e-waste: we all know about (and most of us are hopefully involved in,) recycling our household materials, but there are not many pathways to recycling e-waste, though we now dispose of more waste than ever before! Check out this page for more information


  1. Plant some food! This is a great activity that will have some great long-term (and yummy) impacts. Even if you’re working with small spaces, there are many ways to go about doing this!


  1. Share something: instead of buying something new or tossing something extra, find ways to share and collaborate with people around you. Check out the Olio app to find people, things, food, and treasures to share near you!


  1. Go Solar: or find other alternative forms of energy that work for your tech, your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. Your home isn’t the only space for solar panels, there are many smaller and very useful ones, including chargers for your phone or panels in your backpack. Check out these ways to get involved in your community too!


  1. Go outside! Give yourself the chance to be reminded of why you love the earth. Allow yourself the space to re-charge, re-center, and remember in the incredible National Parks in the UK, the smaller parks in your community, or even your own garden! Just get outside and take a breath. You’ll thank yourself later.


While it is wonderful to celebrate and bring our attention to the earth on this day, it is also important that we remember these issues far past April 22nd. The decisions we make each and every day matter and we can all strive to do better, together. By sharing information, we can all learn and grow, together!


Let us know if you’ll be celebrating Earth Day, in any ways that fit for you!


We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Happy sharing,



I'd spend much more time out if I didn't have to spend all day doing polls!

You don't have to do anything! Limit your time, I do, 3 hours, early morning spent doing surveys and polls then that's it for the day.

Agree in some ways.


bjhunt, take your phone or laptop out on the lawn to take the polls then!

I walk in the country side daily never mind the weather we are out their rain hail snow and sometimes sun !  although we have few  amenities we are lucky to have views lots of green  fields flowers and  blue skys  and nature in bloom the lambs foals and deer 

Lucky you, sounds like a lovely area.

I don't need yet another "National Day" to appreciate my surroundings or look after them and no-one else should either.

Totally agree with, far too many so called special but not that important days, that then make the ones that matter like enjoying the countryside around us seem not that important.

Then there is the younger generations who need to be taught what we already know, that our countryside is beautiful and needs looking after, not covered in others rubbish, or our ponds or waterways filled with rubbish and then spoilt.

Put cash into world trust fund to buy bornean rainforest we have to protect our natural areas

Put cash into world trust fund to buy bornean rainforest we have to protect our natural areas

Put cash into world trust fund to buy bornean rainforest we have to protect our natural areas

Due to the nature of my disabilities I can np longer get out like others can and really appreciatte it, when a close friend takes me out into the local countryside, to feel the wind, the sun, hear the birds and smell the country smells and see animals.

If we all looked after out little patch we could do so much. I will re cycle, freecycle, feed the birds, tidy the wildlife pond and home cook using up leftovers.