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Getting in the Halloween Spirit!

Halloween isn’t just for children and the adults who absolutely love fancy dress. There are quite a few themes surrounding the holiday that each of us can use to brighten up our everyday lives!

While modern-day Halloween can feel a bit like a recently imported American tradition, in actuality, Halloween has been celebrated here in the UK for thousands of years, originating with Celtic and pagan traditions.

Dressing up, trick-or-treating, and carving pumpkins are all traditions rooted in the concept of warding off evil spirits and protecting those we love from the devil, starting with the Celtic Samhain festival bringing us guising (dressing up in costume) and carving turnips to keep fairies out of the home.

Like many ancient traditions, there are quite a few concepts within Halloween that we find silly and outdated today, but there are also overarching themes and ideas we can carry with us and uphold in many other ways.

So, how can we all honour the Halloween spirit?

  1. Protect and support our bodies. Now is the time of year when most of us start to become ill, (if we’re not already!) We can protect ourselves with a little sleep, fruits and veg, and a few more supplements! If you need some extra tips, take a look here.

  1. Changing-up our appearance! Whether it be an elaborate costume, a different outfit than normal, or a new hairstyle, let’s try to change something about the way we look this weekend and see how we feel!

  1. A little more rooted: From pumpkin picking, carving, or eating, let’s get in the festive spirit and get our hands on some root vegetables!

  1. Celebrating those we have lost. Aspects of traditional Halloween show us how to get more in touch with the concepts of life and death, and how to celebrate the lives of those we have lost. This time could be a great opportunity to grieve a little further or to just remember the people that have been in our lives.  

  1. Uncovering our own shadows. Each of us have parts of our personality that we do not like to share with others or even ourselves. This season is an excellent (and often uncomfortable) time to dig deeper into our “uglier” sides. Where do we need a little extra love and healing? We have to open up in order to find out!

  1. What are we so afraid of? Halloween is all about confronting our fears, seeing what truly scares us, and being able to move past it. This week is a great time to look at what we have been too scared of and finding ways rise above.

  1. Getting a little silly. There are some heavy themes tied into Halloween, but let’s remember to weave some laughter and silliness into the spooky darkness as well! We can all grab some extra treats and make ourselves (and others) laugh during this holiday!

If you’re not looking to ward off evil spirits, but still want to mark the day in some way, take a look here for some ideas!

Be sure to share your Halloween memories, plans, and thoughts in the comments below! Will you be dressing up, partying, or laying low this spooky season?

Happy scaring!


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


Considering the implications of Halloween satanicc ritual devil worship false gods ECT ECT childeren should not even be mentioned in the same breath but that's where the money is so it's ok then

I agree with Stephen

Totally agree with the two above - nasty, money making/spinning event for greedy retailers 

I agree