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Getting Technical: 002


And we’re back! It’s time for the second edition of Getting Technical – and is it just me or does the time fly? In case you missed it, in my introductory blog  I mentioned that on Wednesdays at 10am I’d be giving you regular updates regarding the website, which the Viewsbank Team and I are currently in the process of renovating.  


These changes will take time, and will be implemented gradually, but they are happening. Due to the nature of these things, the very last part of that process is our new developments going live. We know there’s a lot that you’re concerned about: whether that’s report functions for offensive comments or duplicate polls, or the size of poll text and graphics in your feed. I can tell you now that we are currently working on addressing these issues, and that as they are delivered I will be informing you about it here. 


If there is anything at any point which you feel could be improved or needs to be fixed on the website, please do let us know. However I will take this moment to clarify: the comments section below is meant for suggestions. If you have a complaint, please contact us here.  


 Not only are the public comments sections not the appropriate venue for complaints, especially if they are about other users, complaints made here can be easily lost. In order to make sure that we are aware of and can address your concerns, please contact us directly if you are unhappy. We want to help.  


Alright, now that’s been said, I promised you news about the Forum. 




Viewsbank is going to be suspending its Forum, and replacing it with a new ‘Groups’ function in the next two months. 


I’m guessing that not everybody is going to be happy about this. We know that the Forum is a fun and important social aspect of the website. However we believe that it has become outdated, and we know that its functionality is limited. We are also seriously concerned about abusive behaviour that has been reported on this section of the website in the past. (Although I will take a moment here to say that the way in which Viewsbankers converse and politely address such behaviour is, truly, an admirable thing.) 


We would like Viewsbank to become an enriching, enjoyable experience for everybody that signs up. So we’ll be creating Groups – with an introductory Group that contains information on how the site works, an Agony Aunt that Sam Jenkins will be assisting with, and revised FAQ’s. There will also be latest news, current affairs and updates on current trends in social media to prompt poll content. On which note, please do check out our Twitter feed for ideas if you're scratching your head presently, we do try to keep it interesting!  On the other hand, we regularly feature polls that we've enjoyed on our Facebook page, so check it out and see if yours has had a mention.


There will be a selection of themed Groups, with the ability for Viewsbankers to create their own as long as they are in accordance with site rules. There'll still be threads and topics like the Forum before, and you'll still be able to have a conversation. But this time it'll be a little more organised, and easier to sift through at a glance. There'll also be more room to edit what you're posting, and include media in your comments. 


Group content, as well as that of Polls and user behaviour in the comment sections of the website, will be more strictly moderated than it has been previously. To this end, you can expect an update regarding new site rules from me very soon, and amendments in our Terms and Conditions and FAQ's to be aligned with these. Most things are staying the same, but we will not accept abusive behaviour or obscenities, and we will be implementing a two strike rule in such instances. More soon. 


 Finally, in terms of Groups, I'll be updating our emoticon set. I love our shy little smiling guy, but I think it's time he got a few friends...! 


As a parting note: the Viewsbank App is currently undergoing major reconstruction, and as such is not functioning effectively at present.  


If you have downloaded the Viewsbank app, we don't just want to ignore you or any issues with it that you might be having. Please be aware that it is currently undergoing a major redesign, and that whilst this is happening the App will not be fully functional. I will inform you as soon as our updates are ready and live. 


With thanks, and again an invitation to comment with any thoughts or suggestions below. 


~ Gabrielle 




Suggestion : As the dictionary you are using does not like either Viewsbank or Viewsbankers, maybe a quick add to ignore all instances of them?

Hi Gabrielle. Any chance of removing the really old Viewsbank blog posts?
It would be great if you could! Smile

Can polls be assigned groups; so if you are happy to for the n'th time answer about cleaning your teeth, you can as these are put into one group of "routine" polls and where as more "unique, interesting, one off" polls are assigned to another group which then gets a higher priority towards the trending poll?


Hi nessiebrooks - do you mean the old short news posts? I can certainly look into it!

windowssteelclean- definitely see where you're coming from, and actually we're already designing a system that should both help prevent duplicate/repeated polls, and tailor what you see to the interests that you express while using the website. But your idea about using the groups is a good one too, and I'll pass on your suggestions to the team. Thank you!



I try to vote in a lot of polls on here when I have the time, but I find it a bit tedious that when you submit a vote and it shows you the results, and you click "go back", it takes you back to the top of page and the first poll instead of taking you back to the place you where before, which means you have to scroll to the next poll to vote on every time. The more polls you vote in the longer it takes to scroll back to the next poll to vote in.

Also is it possible with the " thumbs up" and "thumbs down" function on comments to show how many people have click the thumbs on any particular comment as it can be a bit meaningless without any indication of how many have clicked. I hope my suggestions help.

Hi Gabrielle,

I'd just like you to clarify how polls get the £10.

I've had endless polls of my own be displayed on the home page for several days in a row which have not achieved the £10 payout, and yet I see polls at the top of the page (in the green box) which have only been submitted the previous day. I always thought they had to trend (ie: be on the home page) for 3 consecutive days, which clearly isn't happening if a poll was only submitted 24 hours earlier and is awarded £10.

Sorry if I'm being a bit thick about how things work (having a senior moment) Smile



lancashireman - Check back here for tomorrow's blog and a website update on Monday regarding polls....! The thumbs up and down function comment is helpful, I'll pass it along to the team and we'll discuss it!


panda762 - So sorry to hear you've had trouble! Polls get £10 if they're pinned to the trending spot - this happens when they have the most votes of any other over the past 3 days. They then stay pinned in the trending spot, at the top of the Home page, and are highlighted green with a little lightning bolt to the left of the title, for a duration of three days. In this way, our system allocates trending polls on a rolling basis. 

So you were right about the three days thing! Where I think confusion might have arisen is that you have seen your polls on the homepage but they've not been trending. So I'd say look out for the green highlight and the lightning bolt, which signifiies that it's been trending. Also check your inbox (and your junk!) - you'll be emailed if and when your poll trends.

If you still think your poll is trending and you're not getting paid, please contact us privately by using the form at the bottom of the page or emailing


Hope that helps!


~ Gabrielle


Hi Gabrielle,

My confusion is regarding polls in the green box which were only submitted 1 day earlier (or 2 days earlier) as they clearly haven't been trending for"the past 3 days" prior to being put into the green box.

How can a poll be in the green box when it didn't exist 3 days earlier?

Sorry if I'm missing the point (#confused).

I've had polls with well over 100 votes that have been on the front page for several consecutive days, but haven't trended, but at the same time there's been a poll in the green box with less than 100 votes.

Think I need to go and lie down in a darkened room....