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Getting Technical: 003

Hi everyone, 
Today’s Getting Technical is a little shorter than usual, but that’s because (as you might have noticed) we also posted today about UQR, or our Unique Quote Research Project. I’m reluctant to clog up your feed when you could be voting, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.
First up – I’m very excited to inform you that from Monday, Polls will be dismissed after you vote on them. This means that there will be no more oversized pie charts or text clogging up your Home page, and instead a much more fluid and dynamic user experience. We hope you like it!
Second, a quick note regarding abusive or inappropriate behaviour. First, if you are a victim of or witness to any such behaviour, please report it immediately. In the next fortnight, we will be rolling out changes to our Terms and Conditions and new Poll rules, which will more clearly and absolutely prohibit bullying or abuse. It will operate on a two strike system at Viewsbank’s discretion.
In the meantime, I’d beseech you please to be civil to one another. Kindness costs nothing, and it makes this a better experience for everyone. 
Finally, regarding trending polls and rewards, since there seemed to be some confusion on this front. If you see your poll on the home page, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s trending. Your poll is only trending if it’s highlighted green, has a lightning bolt at the left of the title, and is pinned at the top of the home page for three days. Trending polls are allocated by our system on a rolling basis every three days. You will receive an email if your poll is trending, so please don’t forget to check your inbox and junk folder.
That’s about all for now, but stay tuned for more coming soon, and don’t forget to check your Assignments page!
~ Gabrielle


Thanks Gabrielle Good

I still have a giant pie chart on my home page!

Thanks Gabrielle Smile have a lovely day 

Thank you, Gabrielle. Much to look forward to. 

Great news.


No worries everyone, looking forward to it!


jennaruth2008 the update rolls out on Monday! Sorry for the confusion there, thank you for your patience.


~ Gabrielle

Thanks could you help me please I am doing something wrong when submitting polls the options are not showing ?? Sorry