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Happy National Education and Sharing Day!

Many of us recognise that learning does not end in the classroom and does not stop at any age. We are constantly learning, each and every moment of our lives, regardless of whether or not we fully acknowledge these lessons. Today, on National Education and Sharing Day, we can all take a step back and reflect on how we have learned, how we are learning, and how we would like to learn in the future. This is a wonderful chance to evaluate our world and whether or not we are truly taking advantage of the opportunities around us.

This holiday was founded in the United states to honour Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, but this day can be observed and utilised all around the world to honour a commitment to education, sharing, and growing collectively.


Traditional forms of education, including degrees, certificates, and many other qualifications, continue to carry weight. These pathways to education are widely accepted and can help to open many doors that might otherwise be closed to us, but, it is important that we don’t narrow our understanding of what education is to these institutions.


With our world expanding with technology and globalisation, there are so many outlets and methods to connect with one another. We now have more opportunities to learn from and share with one another than ever before. In many ways, our limitations on how to share information and experience have been erased, leaving incredible space for opportunity and growth.


In many aspects, we are largely changing our perspective on what “education” really means in our world. We are realising the value of “non-traditional” skills that exist outside of the core maths and english courses taught in our schools.


By just living our lives, each of us learns something new about ourselves and the world around us every single day, however, in many instances, we need to develop our awareness of what we’re learning and what we can do with that newfound knowledge and experience.


So, within our constantly changing educational landscape, how can we start sharing and learning with one another today? We can take a look at How to learn something new everyday (and actually do something with it!)


  1. Find your preferred way of learning- take note of what you like best, whether it is within a classroom, outdoors, listening, working with your hands, or reading. Whatever feels the best to you is going to work the best for you in the long-run! Learning is and should be fun, so allow yourself to enjoy it! Don’t force yourself into something you don’t enjoy.


  1. Pick a source of knowledge and figure out a channel that delivers on your topic of choice- whether that is online or in your “real life,” find a reliable source you can look to for providing knowledge on what you’re most interested in learning about!


  1. Build your own curriculum- whether that is in an excel spreadsheet, on a calendar, or on your phone, figure out a way that works best to schedule and encourage you to do the learning. Set yourself a specific time, space, and method. These building blocks are important to bringing this into reality.


  1. Stick to the schedule that works for you- whether you’re doing the same time and place every single day, be sure you’re doing your best to be present each and every day with this task. The point is for you to be learning, if you feel you’ve accomplished that- even if it is not in the ways you expected, you’re achieving your goal.


  1. Share what you’ve learned! Once you feel you’ve had a breakthrough, figured something new out, or just want to share something you’ve learned, be sure you do it! Viewsbank is a great tool for you to learn and share, and it’s not the only space for it! Share with your friends and family, post online, ask questions, create surveys, share your comments.


We all have the incredible gifts of knowledge and our ability to learn from the world around us. These are even more incredible when we share with others. Be sure you’re utilising these gifts to the fullest potential, today on National Education and Sharing Day, and every other day.


We can’t wait to experience what you’re learning!


Happy sharing!