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How to be happy

“Happiness is not out there, it is within you” – Anonymous

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Over 60% of viewsbankers told us that they feel happy most of the time, with 30% feeling either sad or grumpy more often than not.

Happiness isn’t something that just happens to you, and you don’t learn how to be happy at school. From a young age we’re conditioned to set goals and aim high, always seeking further success, and yet this way of thinking is more likely to make us more miserable.

Behavioural experts have spent lots of time studying what makes us happy (and what doesn’t). We know that the level of happiness can impact, and sometimes predict, general health and longevity.

Being happy and fulfilled is not easy, and it requires a lot of work on your part to prioritise rather than chase happiness.

Here’s what some of our members had to say when we asked about their general mood:

“Each day can bring various emotions on how one is feeling that day.I try to be positive and don't let trivial things get to me. A happy person a happy life.”

“Always happy. Stay positive and positive will things will happen.”

“Depends who I am with. They can make it better or worse.”

So how can we become happier?

Happiness comes from within. It’s time we learn how to tame negative thought patterns and take a new approach to life.

1. Recognise what makes YOU happy

You are responsible for your happiness. It’s time to make a list of all the things that make you happy. Whether that is sitting in the garden with a book, meeting up with friends, watching a movie or going for a walk. Whatever it is, it is important to prioritise your time to fit these activities into your life.

2. Conquer negative thinking

It is natural to tend to have negative thoughts, but there are lots of ways to combat these, starting with having more compassion for yourself. You need to treat yourself like you would a friend. Don’t be afraid to challenge your thought process, make a list of the things bothering you and understand whether it realistic.

3. Get up and get moving

There is considerable evidence that physical activity is directly linked to psychological health. Even just going for a quick 15-minute walk can lift your mood.

4. Be kind and practice optimism

In a poll we asked if we could all do more to make other people happy. A massive 96% said yes. Thinking positively and surrounding yourself with positive people really does help. Remember, optimism is infectious.

Here’s what some of our members do to boost their mood:

“When I'm feeling like I can't be bothered, I put on my 60s CDs, and that brightens my mood. I even enjoy dancing about when I do the house work. That's magic!!!”

“Great thoughts to try. Just been listening to Little Wing by the late great Jimi Hendrix. Nice and loud.”


What do you do to be happy? We’d love to hear your experiences. Let us know in the comments below.



Spending  time with my lovely family!   My glass is always half full+!

Yes Family should be the first priority in Life Biggrin

I feel happy most of the time, If I do feel a bit down I go out in the countryside or to the coast that always gives me a lift.

people are who they are theres no magic pill to make you happy Rich or poor its in your genes 


I just make up my mind to be happy, thinking positively and being grateful for everything helps.

Have time to my self, no interference from anyone, a good walk in park or watching a nice movie with my partner, are little gestures of happiness for me.

Dance or just listen to good music, hearing the birds outside always lifts my mood, think about someone who loves me, do something positive for someone else ... all things that make life pleasant for me, happy bunny on the whole 

I'm lucky to be an optimist, even when life's awful. I'm scared to be too happy though, when I am it seems disaster strikes.

Be a good person to your loved ones

Happiness is having choice in life and good health.

you don't know how much you miss both till you lose them 

Be yourself, don't be someone you are not. If nobody likes the way you are or cannot accept you for you. They are then not your true friends 

I do voluntary work with people who have dementia  which makes me feel greatful that I am doing something really worthwhile

Going out with my son and seeing him laugh , parks , zoos ect anything really as long as hes having a good time then im happy

I was recently reading an interview with Tony Hancock in which he was asked if he was happy with his life.  (He very obviously wasn't.)  He replied that he did not expect happiness because he did not believe it existed for him to find.  It makes you think.  Doesn't it ? 

I usually put music on too. 90s pop! Lol always cheers me up

Family and children should be the FIRST priority in Life.

The Sunshine makes me Happy!

Better to be Healthy than Wealthy.....My Motto. Enjoy your day x

my sentiments entirely,what good is money with poor health-nothing

Spend time with my lovely family!  

I enjoy time with my family and friends.  Also a game of bingo is fun.

Playing sports with my childre and quality time with my family. Away from mobiles and tablets!

I think that happiness is achieved when your mental health and your physical health is balanced; so your family and personal relationships will be better 

What makes me happy, is being around people who are in good spirits and are happy too.

Most people have happy and unhappy moments and I think if there are more happy moments then someone might say they are happy.  I sometimes feel really stressed and unfillfilled and hate my job and want to go away on my own for months for some peace and quiet and when I'm feeling like that I would say I feel unhappy but I have many moments when I don't feel unhappy but don't say I am happy because certain things like my job are important to my overall happiness.

There are a few occasions when I feel happy more strongly.  Eg, recently when I was at my brother's house sat outside in comfort with my parents too.  My brother brought me some ice cream and later a glass of red wine and then a cup of coffee and spent a few hours chatting and reading my book.  His cats were rolling around the garden and my brother started playing the piano and I had a sudden feeling of happiness that I am with my family relaxing - could have been the wine Smile





That sounds like a lovely relaxing day with your brother.

Spending time with the family.  Helping other people.

Spending time with family and friends makes me happy. 

When I am busy I am happy and yes family

My family are all at loggerheads....since mum and dad passed away,some are all for themselves some are like sheep,I choose to stay away from the drama of it all ,just need to focus on what I have .........had a good life with not much,but I was happy with what I did have,I could write a I will just leave it there,

My family are all at loggerheads....since mum and dad passed away,some are all for themselves some are like sheep,I choose to stay away from the drama of it all ,just need to focus on what I have .........had a good life with not much,but I was happy with what I did have,I could write a I will just leave it there,

I'm usually a happy person - if I'm feeling miserable I go out to the local shopping centre where I can just speak to the traders if I don't see anyone I know.

I talk to anyone!

Well for me it is often spending time with family but when I realy do feel down i normally go to the book store or sit in bed listning to music. Family, music and books normaly helps reduce my stress and keep me happy and positive especially while revising for tests.