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If extraterrestrial life forms exist, discovering them is imminent

Belief in aliens differs from person to person. Without any sort of verifiable proof to some it seems illogical and to others a matter of fact. A minority even go as far as to believe that a reptilian race are secretly controlling the world, (in fact 12 million Americans and 7.2% of Viewsbankers agree). People who agree with David Icke for example, may accept alien life form as an absolute truth and believe the moon is simply a hollow space ship from which we are all being deceived via radio waves which disrupt our normal brain waves, so that shape shifting paedophile aliens can enslave the human race. Others think there might be primitive species and bacteria which we’ve just yet to discover. Either which way, we should know the answer before 2035. 

            One of the most compelling forms of evidence for life on other planets is the fact that one of the moons of Saturn (Enceladus) has all the necessary requirements needed for life as we know it. We can tell this because large organic modules have been blasted into space from the deep-sea vents from the moon, which NASA were able to briefly monitor before the space craft plunged to its death in Saturn’s atmosphere. Whilst this is not exactly evidence for life on the moon, it is proof of complex organic chemistry suggesting that life is possible.

            The most popular “evidence” for alien life forms is the famous “Wow!” signal discovered in 1977, in the Big Ear Radio Conservatory by Jerry Ehman. The name of the discovery comes from how striking it was in nature when it occurred. It was a 72 second radio signal much louder than any background noise they had registered in space previously. It had an incredibly narrow bandwidth making it extremely unique in nature, it had a similar bandwidth to the radiation produced by hydrogen gas in space. This “Wow!” signal went 40 years before it was doubted as a sign of alien life forms. It was only recently that a scientist at St. Petersburg University said that the radio signal was likely a bi product of two comets that had passed by at the time that had only recently been registered. This seemed enough to disprove the legitimacy of the radio signal to most, however, the scientist that discovered it fired back arguing that comets do not produce radio signals and therefore it couldn’t have been that causing the interference. 

            Whilst the debate over whether or not intelligent alien lifeforms rages on we can be satisfied in the knowledge that we should have an answer before 2035. Whilst originally the “SETI Radio” was planning to achieve this goal, China now have a radio which is three times as sensitive and more capable of searching space and tracking objects for up to six hours. They’re so dedicated to search through space that they’re relocating 9,000 locals so that they only have to deal with minimal human interference. Foreign researchers from all over the world will be allowed to use this radio in a combined effort to search the galaxies for any signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence and we can now go deeper into the universe than ever before. If they don’t find any evidence over the next 16 years using this highly sensitive radio, then there is a chance that it doesn’t exist altogether. 

We asked our Viewsbankers whether or not they believed there are aliens, and here's what they had to say:

  • "It would be arrogant to think we were the only life form out there."
  • "No signs of evidence so I don’t think so"
  • "Yes maybe anything is possible."
  • "If you see a blue police box give me a shout, been waiting for it for years!"

Do you think we are alone in the universe? Let us know in the comments! 


yes i feel their are others out their

Yes I also do believe that we are not alone.

I believe 100% that there are other froms of life out there in the Universe.  I think we'd be very arrogant to think we are the only ones.  Plus I have actually witnessed a few things in my life, so I know for a fact that there are other forms out there.

Sam's mailout today said this about belief in extraterrestrial life: "Without any sort of verifiable proof, to some it seems illogical, and to others, a matter of fact."  Rather like religions, in fact, except that even the most fanatical believers on either side don't resort to killing others who don't agree with them. 

the universe is so big there is no logical reason to think that there isn't some form of life on another planet. However, it doesn't mean they have space-flying vehicles and will be visiting any time soon.

I think there is life out there somewhere

I am a great believer in other species in this vast universe.  If we are presumptuous enough to think that in this ever developing, never ending space we call our universe,we are the only living beings then how egotistical are we.

It would be ignorant to believe that we're all alone in the universe 

I am not saying there isnt other types of life animal vegetable or mineral but why people call them aliens  annoys me as that would make people aliens also 

I've always believed there has to be other lifeforms out there. We live on a planet but it's not the only planet out there. So why not.

That's a huge space out there, there has to be something or one out there .what about all the UFO sightings not all of them are fake.

I just don't believe there are
people-like forms, but plants maybe.

Big ever expanding universe the is no way were the only life in it

I feel like there are e.t out there and here on earth and they are the polar bears or like those really smart kids that you hear about all the time


I think there is something else out there! There are too many strange, unexplained happenings that have taken place in our world for there not to be!

They are already here and the powers above are hell bent keeping it a secret