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It’s Friday the 13th!

To double up on all things spooky this month, we have fallen directly into Friday the 13th right in the middle of October. This weekend is the perfect time to kick off early Halloween-related celebrations, discussions, and questions!

Friday the 13th is one of the classic examples of a culturally-ingrained superstition without a clear history. Many of us tend to think of the day as “unlucky,” without much, if any, reasoning or background behind the sentiment.

So, why do we believe in a superstition we can’t fully explain?

Whether we wholeheartedly and actively believe in superstitions or not, many of us partake without knowing it! Once they are within our culture, we tend to uphold these superstitions together, feeling that if we do not at least acknowledge them, we are tempting fate.

Superstitions take many forms, carrying across nearly all cultures and providing an array of different reasoning for taking part. Superstitions tend to give us a stake in an often seemingly chaotic and uncontrollable world. When we know the rules, we feel safer. Superstitions tend to explain why bad things happen and tell us how to avoid them. Knocking on wood may not have a direct impact upon un-doing something negative we’ve said, but it sure makes some of us feel better!

According to recent research, believer or not, we overwhelmingly believe in the thought behind the words that we say. Most of us feel that, in one way or another, what we say matters, so putting positive sentiments into the world helps to bring about positivity (and we tend to think the opposite is true as well!)

Whether you’ll be playing it safe this Friday the 13th or doing your best to ignore the superstition completely, we can all bring a bit more positivity into the “unluckiest day” of the year!

  1. If you’re in the market for a new furry friend, consider adopting black cat! Black cats tend to stay in shelters the longest, finding it the most difficult to be adopted.

  1. Commit to 13 random acts of kindness! Spread a little joy today by paying for someone’s train or bus fare, buying someone a tea, holding the door open, giving a stranger a compliment, donating to a charity, giving someone a hug, or smiling at a stranger!

  1. Declutter and donate 13 items you rarely use. Spread the love and clear out unwanted clutter in your home!

  1. Tell someone in your life 13 reasons why you love them.

  1. Get into the spooky spirit with some Halloween-inspired activities this weekend! Carve some pumpkins, make caramel apples, tell ghost stories, get a few costume ideas ready, and maybe even watch a scary movie or two!  

Share your Friday the 13th, superstition, and Halloween thoughts in the comments below! We can’t wait to hear all about them.

Happy sharing and happy celebrating!


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I'm not  really supersticious. sadly can't adopt another pet, we have dogs already but  we do donate to charities in  more than one way.We declutter & give items.We also buy from charities & also make greeting cards that we donate for them to sell.As for random acts of kindness, I do  those things anyway  not just on *special* days.! Not watching scary movies though, hate them !