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Keeping safe and cool this summer

Now that we’re well into the swing of summer, we can take a moment to look at how we’re doing, where we would like to make changes and where we should give ourselves a pat on the back. No matter where we live, where we travel, or what we’re doing this summer, there can be quite a few risks that come up when the temperature rises. It can be helpful for us to gather information and share tips with one another, especially when we may not always be completely prepared for this much summer heat!

As more heatwaves are expected to pop up until September, we can help each other prepare and even enjoy the changes in weather and habits to come!


So, what should we be doing more of?


  1. Not skipping breakfast. We know that breakfast starts our day off on the right foot, but we sometimes forget that when our bodies are under a little extra pressure (like sun, heat, and sweat,) a little can go a long way. We can best prepare our bodies by starting the day off fueled up and ready to go.


  1. Protecting our skin. Sun cream: store bought vs homemade? There have been quite a few articles rolling around social media this summer about the dangers of store bought sun cream, advising that we should try making our own at home instead. There seem to be many conflicting ideas of what is safest in this instance, so we would say, doing our own research on what works best for each of us, but err on the side of caution. We can always give our skin some added protection by remembering to cover up and take advantage of the shade!


  1. Drinking more water. We can nearly always do with drinking a bit more water throughout the day, but this especially applies when the weather is warmer! Water has incredible health benefits on a normal day, but during the summer, extra water is crucial.


  1. Taking extra care of our furry friends. From fireworks to hot cars or sizzling pavement, our furry friends need some extra attention as well. We can all do our best to make sure they’re safe and comfortable, no matter the situation.


  1. Watch the bugs! Insect bites can have serious side effects and affect our health in a multitude of ways. Being aware of our surroundings and using more natural insect repellants this summer can be a great way to stay safe.


  1. Looking out for one another. This may seem a bit silly, after all, it’s just a little heat, right? But it’s important for us to remember that for those of us who may be more vulnerable, changes in temperature like this can be more dangerous. When this happens, we can all take a bit more time to check in with one another, stranger or close friend.




Share all of your summer tips in the comments below, you never know who might need them!


Happy sharing and happy summering!






Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash