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Let’s Bring a Little More Kindness

There are many things that can appear to set us apart as individuals, but one thing that has the ability to connect and bring us together is our desire for kindness. As humans, we all want to be shown compassion, understanding, and forms of love. We want to be able to help others where we can and bring positivity to the work we are doing in the world.

Monday is World Kindness Day and we can’t get enough of how wonderful our community can be! Over 50% of people told us they perform some type of kind act each day! Now is the perfect time to bring our attention to how much kindness we bring to ourselves and to others. We can all begin to mark this day by bringing a little more care and understanding into our weekend!

There are many ways to show kindness to ourselves, to those we love, stranger, animals, and even to our environment. How you go about these small (or large) acts of kindness depends upon you! Get creative and spread some warmth wherever you can throughout this coming week!

So, what are some things we can do this week?

  1. Showing gratitude. It can often be easy to forget those who help and support us on a regular basis. Reminding them how much their care and work matters can be a meaningful way of showing kindness.

  1. Random acts. This is the creative (and fun) bit! Finding a few ways that could make someone’s day much brighter, like buying the next person’s coffee, train ticket, or lunch, holding the door open for a few minutes, give the parking space to someone else, the choices are endless! Try making life a little easier for a few people each day and see how it feels.

  1. Show yourself a little extra kindness. When we work from an empty cup, we can’t possibly help others in the most honest or caring way. When we look after ourselves, we allow ourselves the ability to make decisions out of abundance and desire rather than obligation.

  1. Try taking care of a plant. Plants have the incredible ability to bring out the nurturer in each of us, while also cleansing and calming the spaces they are in. When we care for plants, we also care for ourselves.

  1. Going the extra mile. In whatever we are doing, we can choose to do mediocre work or we can choose to shine. Choosing one area that could use a little extra attention and care can help us feel more fulfilled while also achieving a goal!

  1. Eating (and sharing) some nourishing food. Filling your body with food that is nutritious, while also being comforting is a great act of kindness to yourself. Sharing this food with others can be much greater.

  1. Support animal welfare in some way. Whether that’s through donating time or goods to a local animal shelter, eating vegetarian for a day, or just cuddling our own pets a little longer, they will most likely appreciate the effort!

  1. Reaching out to someone who might be struggling. Whether it’s through a text, call, letter, email, or an in-person visit, remembering to show a little extra love to those going through a tough time can make all the difference.

Share your experiences and ideas for showing a little extra kindness this weekend in the comments below! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Interesting points and I'll definitely try this over the weekend. Already feel better just thinking about my good intentions.

This is so true and I think SOME of my fellow pollsters need to read this and take it onboard and leave less unkind remarks to pollsters who make minor mistakes!

I must agree with avondale. I simply can't understand why some people can be so nasty to others. We all have a place in this world but it is how we use that space that defines what we really are.

Well said, Tom!