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Let’s talk about happiness

Monday is International Day of Happiness, which is definitely something to celebrate! Even if it requires a little extra thought now and again, we can all think of something that makes us happy and something that brings us joy. This week is the perfect opportunity to look into what sparks happiness for us and think about how to bring even more of it into our lives!

The term “happiness” is something we tend to use a lot, assuming that everyone has some level of happiness and that we all feel the same way about our own happiness. However, if we look a little deeper, what it means to be happy and how important this is, can vary widely from person to person.

When we talk about being happy, we are often thinking about the larger sense of being at peace and thinking positively about our lives at large. We can often mix happiness with joy, thinking these two are the same. While happiness can be a symptom or a sign of joy, the two are not completely the same. Happiness can be fleeting and dependent upon external factors, such as money, people, or material possessions. Joy is an overarching mindset of well-being, without being to be overtly “happy” in each moment. Joy includes all aspects of life, including the negative parts, without losing a sense of satisfaction in life.

Happiness and joy are not merely states of mind. How we feel about our own happiness directly impacts our mental and physical wellbeing. Our health can largely depend upon how content, safe, and joyful we feel in our daily lives.

Happiness is not only a result of how we’re living our lives, but it is also a driving force in motivating us to better ourselves and live the lives we’ve envisioned. There are always spaces for us to improve, to help others as well as ourselves in bringing a little more happiness into our lives.

So, what can we do to cultivate more joy on a day to day basis?

  1. Spending a little more time outside. Even just a few extra minutes outside can make all the difference for our physical body and mental clarity. Just going for a short walk can improve our mood and boost our sense of happiness, quickly and effectively.

  1. Getting some extra sleep. When we sleep, we give our bodies and minds time to recover. Sleep can often widen our capacity for patience as well as helping us to be less reactive to negative emotions. Sleep helps us to be more resilient, which is essential in cultivating joy!

  1. Returning to gratitude. Whenever any negative thoughts or frustrations come to us, remembering what we are grateful for is a perfect way to remind us of how much we have to be happy for in our lives.

  1. Add in some more nutrients. Focusing on our physical health dramatically impacts how we feel about ourselves and our happiness at large. Small changes can make a huge difference.

  1. Listening to ourselves. Whether that means we need to do a little less on a Monday or push ourselves to do a little bit extra, we know what is best for ourselves and what we need in our lives. We can all do a better job of listening to those signals.

  1. Find some furry friends! It has been proven that spending time with and petting animals releases oxytocin (the warm, fuzzy feeling) into our bodies, making us feel happier and more at peace.

  1. Sharing with others. Connecting with friends and family helps us to build a stronger sense of community, attachment, and belonging. Being around those who love and support us is an easy way to feel happiness and share that happiness with others!

What does happiness look like to you? Share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas below!

Happy sharing!


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I'll try to enjoy it, Sunday was good so I can just wallow in the memory if international happiness day isn't all it promises. Having two sick family members makes it not that easy. It's more like national worry day.

There are many small things that make me happy, peace and quiet, being right, spending time with family and good food.  the most satisfying though is furry friends.  I used to have a rabbit companion who would lick the inside of my wrist when I scratched his flank, It made me giggle like a loon.  If you have never had a rabbit lick you, their tongues are soft and warm and something about this was very ticklish.  He died in 2012 and i miss him so much.  I have had many furry pets since my childhood in the 1970's and interacting with them has always made me feel joyful.  My current companion is a 40kg Alaskan Malamute who is so affectionate and really enjoys receiving affection as well.  He loves to interact throughout the day with anyone who visits the house and gives great big hugsa to people at any opportunity he gets.  Every night before bedtime he gets a tummy rub, and he really enjoys being vacuumed, to the point that he follows anyone who is cleaning the floors, making woowoo noise until he gets his fur cleaned.

I am happy when all my family and friends are well and happy too. Just seeing a clear blue sky, and trees gently blowing in the trees ggives me a good feeling, seeing sheep and cattle in the fields with their young signals the beginning of Spring and that brings me joy. new born babies in  their cots asleep makes me feel nostalgic but happy,  my dog who loves me with no strings,  my husband who loves me full stop.

Joined a NIA class really enjoyed smiled for whole rest of day.

Om shanti