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Moving on Out!

What a weekend! We asked what you wanted to know, share, or learn more about and many of you delivered your thoughts. If you didn’t get in on the sharing over the weekend, definitely take the time to share with us this week! One of these thoughts comes to us from Viewsbanker, kazelliec, bringing up the topic of moving out of our cities, towns, or villages. With such a wide array of needs and experiences, where do we even begin?

Summer is one of the most common times of year to be moving house, so now is the perfect chance to dive in and share our thoughts and experiences!

Moving house can be one of the most stressful and incredibly freeing experiences, challenging and exciting us at the same time. We must balance the potentially harmful effects of stress with the great opportunities and experiences that come with a change in location and lifestyle.

So, what are the big things to focus on when we begin to consider moving?

  1. Starting research early. There are so many packing tips, moving guides, reasons why moving is good for us, and support services to look at that we may feel overwhelmed collecting the information that fits our needs best. When we give ourselves time to sit down and do the research, we will be better prepared to fill our needs best.

  1. Setting goals. Starting a check-list is incredibly helpful. What do we want to get done in a certain time frame? Writing it all down will set a pathway that we can follow.

  1. Practicing patience, managing stress. Uprooting and resettling our lives takes time, work, and care. It can be easy to feel frustrated when everything around us is moving a changing. Doing our best to replace annoyance with patience can help the process change from being stressful to a pleasant adventure. Take a look at these 11 tips to cope with the stress of moving to get started.

  1. Giving ourselves time. Moving can be a short process, if we want or need it to be, but it can be much more stress-free if we give ourselves a longer deadline than we think we might need. This allows for diversions from the plan and for a more relaxed process.

  1. Expecting flexibility. This is not a small task. Understanding that there will be hurdles and that things will not always go the way we imagined is important. It is perfectly fine to be upset when this happens, but it cannot derail us.

  1. Appreciating the little things. When moving house, we tend to reevaluate our true needs. When everything around us changes, we often need to advocate, institute, or let go of our usual habits. Re-thinking the ways we live our lives can cause us to appreciate the nuances of our lives and ourselves. Taking time to understand and appreciate these aspects of ourselves can be an important part of our new lifestyle.

Let us know your experiences, plans, or thoughts on moving house! What have your best or worst experiences been? Do you have any tips or tricks you found helpful? What do you want others to know?

Happy sharing!


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Thank you for answering my question Sam Smile

I am thinking about moving to a new area. As I am currently unemployed, I must first find a job. I do not drive so getting to interviews in a different area is an issue. Then there's the moving house part. Can't do that til I've got a job but can't start the job til I've got a house. It's all quite stressful to think about lol

I'm amazed how many people go away for the summer but don't put their plants where they can get water; don't get Royal Mail to hold their post back via the excellent Keepsafe service they offer to keep our homes safe; or cut the lawn. It all attracts chancers who look out for lack of movement or maintenance.

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