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The return of an old friend

While having a bit of a “spring clean” around the site, a few weeks ago, we removed the “track” function from member’s Viewsbank accounts, our thinking being that it wasn’t really necessary, and we didn’t get huge number of users taking advantage of it. However, we quickly informed by a few of our regular members that they did in fact use the function and they were actually a little disappointed that it had been removed.

With that in mind, we decided the best way to settle this was with a good old-fashioned poll – it is kind of what we do after all – so, a few days ago, you may have noticed that we ran an admin poll to ask whether or not you used the “track” function. We had a really good response with over 1,500 of you taking part (thank you!), so it was a really useful indicator for us to gauge interest in the feature and make an informed decision on its future.

We simply asked the question, “Do you use the “track” function in your Viewsbank account?”, with the option to answer yes, no or “what’s the “track” function?” – the third option was added in as we suspected there could be some confusion as to what it was actually for, or even that many members may not have known about its existence.

Just to clarify for those who are reading this and still have no idea what I’m going on about, the “track” function was a section within your Viewsbank “account” page that “tracked” your activity on the site, providing helpful links to things like polls you had previously taken part in. Kind of like the history function in your browser.

The results of the poll came in and a staggering 70.4% of you didn’t know what the “track” function was, while only 12.5% of you did use it. That being said, we did feel like the 12.5% (193) of you who did use it still represented a fairly high number for what was a relatively minor part of the site, and we were really interested to read some of the comments to learn about why some of you wanted it back, with a significant minority of you clearly quite passionate about its return.

Viewsbank member sues said “Yes all the time and I would like to see it put back on as the comments and ongoing dialogue on the polls do make the polls and the viewsbank site much more interesting.” while getextra commented “It was handy to use because you could see the response quicker.”

With many of you wanting to see the feature return, and so many of you not knowing what it was, we felt we needed to do something about it, so I’m pleased to announce that the feature has been re-introduced. You’ll find it back in your “account” page where it used to be, but this time we’ve decided to rename it “My Activity”, as we felt this better represented what it was for, and will hopefully help avoid some of the confusion surrounding it.

What do you think? Are you glad to see the feature has returned? What do you think of the new name? Let us know in the comments!


Hello, Glad that I have now found out what the tracking function is and will be sure to use it in future. Also think the new name makes iit clearer as to its function.


not used, as far as I know

Did not know what it was

Don’t even know what it is!


It was my first port of call every time I went to the site to check on responses to mine and other's comments and to reply to points raised.

Since its removal I visit the site far less often.

i didn't know it existed but will use it now

Great to have it back - Thank you.


I have never noticed it

Great to have it back.

I have found the 'track' function, don't know that I'll use it as this information was also available on 'Polls'>'Polls I voted on'

I was unaware, but will use it in future.

Thanks VIEWSBANK. Delighted to see you've taken our comments onboard and reintroduced this function. I use this regularly as it makes checking on polls of interest easier instead of ploughing through all the polls.
So well done Good

Not yet

never noticed it before

never noticed myself

Brilliant that the 'tracker' facility now known as my activity is back on the site, thank you.

i did not know about it


ive no idea what it is!

Thanks for listening and putting it back for us. It's also good that youve changed the name of it so new people will know what it actually is :) 

Yes and so glad it’s back.

Excellent news. Thank you.

That's so considerate, nice to see that minorities *****! Now I'm off to investigate what happens on My Activity.

Yes, I'm glad it's back. It was never well advertised before, so hopefully now more people will be able to use it.

I didn’t know what it was before, but now you have explained and renamed it, I have used it and think it is great. Well done for listening and helping. Great to see how open to feedback you are.

Didn’t know anything about it but I do now and like it!

I find it useful and interesting to see other comments since my comment.

i use it now as now aware of it, thanks!

i use it now as now aware of it, thanks!

Im gonna start using it now! As im new here! 

Don’t know what it means