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Self-care reminders as the weather gets colder

While the astronomical winter season does not technically begin until December 21st, for many of us, this week has brought about the cool reminder that winter is indeed coming in the near future. The end of Autumn is the perfect time for taking a little extra care of ourselves as the weather gets colder and the days feel shorter.

The colder months may be magical for some, many others find the dark, colder weather more of a battle than a blessing. Aside from moving to a warmer climate, there is not much we can change about the weather, however, we can change how we react and feel about this winter.

Everyone has their own winter-survival tips, so here are just a few to get started, spark some inspiration, or add to your arsenal!

  1. Taking advantage of the light. As our daylight seems to disappear a bit more each day, it can be important for us to take advantage when the sun is shining. Whether we look out the window during our morning commute instead of looking at our phone or take a moment during a lunch break, letting a little more light in can help ease the transition.

  1. Trying some morning affirmations. Much like when we start a project, having a goal or an intention in mind from the beginning can help us to focus our day in the direction we choose. For some inspiration, take a look here!

  1. Try some eucalyptus in the bathroom. In addition to adding a little friendly green to the room, this plant can improve air quality, and absorb moisture. Steam from the shower also activates the essential oils in eucalyptus, helping to clear lungs, alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve mood!

  1. Going on more walks. Walking in cold weather has many mental and physical benefits, from helping sleep patterns, improving energy levels, reducing inflammation, and helping to fight infection.

  1. Ward off the sniffles. There are many habits that help our bodies fight off unwanted germs, so let’s get them started before the coughs begin! Take a look here for some great tips.

  1. Hibernate, when needed. Whether we notice or not, the seasons tend to impact our natural sleeping patterns, so understanding our needs and planning accordingly can have a tremendous impact on how we feel this winter!

  1. Being gentle with ourselves. When motivation might be lacking and all we want is to stay in bed, sometimes it can be much more useful to allow ourselves a little extra time than to force ourselves out. Listening to our needs is often more important than that email or train schedule.

  1. Getting cozy! Creating a space in our homes where we can relax, unwind, keep warm, and do something we enjoy can create something we look forward to while also helping to keep us feeling safe and happy. So, let’s grab some blankets, a tea, and a good book and snuggle in.

Be sure to share your favourite tips, tricks, and traditions for colder weather in the comments below.

Stay cozy and happy sharing!


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash


Interesting, not sure about all the morning affirmations though!

Great comment! You're so right, everyone is different and what sounds great to some may sound completely awful to others! The main message is to be aware of what works for us and trying to start our day on the right foot, with our goals in mind! :) 

need to urgently add to the list GLINTWEIN!

If you're thinking about gluhwein, you're completely right! What a great, festive, and cozy drink. Perfect for winter self-care! 

I wasn't aware of all the benefits that eucalyptus can provide. Thanks, very helpful information!

My housemate suffers with asthma and I have anxiety so the eucalyptus tip is sure to come in handy for us both. Thank you for the tips. 

So glad to hear about all the interest in eucalyptus! It can be incredibly helpful, so I hope it adds a little relaxation and fresh air to your lives as well! 


If you find any other tips and tricks helpful for easing the transition into winter, please share here as well! :) 

Being comfortably cosy without being too hot in bed  is agood thing.Try a cup of hot chocolate, it's warming & comforting & relaxing. 

That's a perfect tip! And chocolate is good for the soul too :)