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Should We All Be Spring Cleaning?

The great “spring clean” we all think of has been shifting in many ways, adjusting to the new ways in which we live our lives and what we now need to shed our winter habits and prepare us for a more active spring. Many of us don’t even consider these habits as preparing or refreshing our lives because they no longer look like the typical spring clean. So, why do we feel the need to clean out our lives for spring?

In many cultures, including the United Kingdom, spring cleaning has its roots in wiping away the soot and stuffiness that were kept in homes by the fires and boarding up habits that were necessary for surviving winter. With time, technology has transformed and allowed us to change how our homes feel, from the temperature to how and when we clean them, without completely transforming the spaces in which we live for each specific season.


Our busy lifestyles have also changed how our homes look and feel. Where there were once heavily regarded schedules for weekly cleaning duties, we now outsource or clean based on when we have the time. We often overlook the potential benefits of aligning our homes and our habits with the changing of seasons.


If we take time to understand our needs and spring clean in the ways that fit each of our lives, the potential for spring cleaning (in our own ways,) is much greater than merely cleaning out the refrigerator. If done tailored to us, spring cleaning can increase our productivity, boost our energy levels, help to keep us healthier, improve our mood, reduce stress, and improve our focus. There are incredible benefits to figuring out the best ways to spring clean for you this year.


So, how can we take advantage of this year’s new and improved spring clean?  


  1. Being mindful of our habits. Is there anything in our lives we wish we didn’t do or did more of? We can take this opportunity to structure our homes to promote these goals! If we want to drink more water, we can place more fun and interesting water bottles around the house and in the places we spend the most time.


  1. Take inventory. Being honest with ourselves is best here, asking ourselves what is taking up space, what is wasting our time, and what is stressing us out in our homes and our lives? The answers might be uncomfortable and hard to come to, but listening to ourselves is key. We know what we need, now we just need to make decisions accordingly.


  1. Baby steps. If we start by going through one room at a time, we are far less likely to get overwhelmed and quit. Rejuvenating our lives and our habits can feel painful at first, so we must remember to be patient with ourselves.  


  1. Bring in more nature! We can all use more plants and less chemicals in our lives. Whether it is replacing our cleaning supplies with natural alternatives, eating more fresh veggies, or having more plants in the house, our minds and our bodies will definitely thank us.


  1. The art of letting go. When we detach ourselves and let go of what no longer benefits us, we make space for the new things, people, habits, and spaces that are trying to come into our lives. Letting go can be painful and difficult, but focusing on what we can now be gaining can help us to shift our perspective.


  1. Try not to toss! When we let go of something, it is important that we think of where it will go after us. There are many incredible outlets and resources for donating, sharing, or selling things we no longer want. This spring clean, we should all give them a try!



Let us know how you’ll be spring cleaning your life and your space and share any tips or tricks you find to be helpful! We can’t wait to declutter with you!


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I would like to spring clean but I do not have the physical ability to to a little at a time. 

i am having my grandson to decorate the whole house 

Now the weather is warmer, I have my kitchen door open all the time so the cat can come in and out and I am noticing all the grime built up over winter's dark days.

It feels great to have a good sort out of every thing in your home, not only rooms but cupboards and wardrobes too.

But you do need to find the time and energy. However it will be worth it!!!

I work alternate weekends so I do one room each weekend I am off.  Just done kitchen and bathroom.  Living room and bedrooms next.

I have never done it and never will, I regularly get rid of things we no longer use or don't work throughout the year. My home is clean, doesn't need a thorough clean through once a year either, I don't see the point in it if you keep up with things all year round!

If I ever get the time my house is in shambles.

yes but it sometimes drags on through the year! Oh well, there's always the next spring..