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Should we take a social media vacation this summer?

Today is Social Media Day, a time to take a look at how much this new form of world-wide connection has impacted our lives. Whether we actively partake in posting, sharing, or liking, social media is a part of daily life everywhere. Our world is filled with constantly evolving ways to interact with one another, keep in touch, and to stay connected, nearly constantly. Our networks have become larger, but are they really helping us to grow in the ways we want?

This day is a great opportunity for each of us to take a step back and evaluate how we interact with social media and the world at large, including better understanding the people most directly using social media. It is important for us to realise how recent this level of networking and is, leaving many perspectives on social media largely dependent upon generation and age. Many of the tips on how to “take a break” from social media may feel completely irrelevant to those of us who have rarely, if ever, used these forms of communication.  

Today, and throughout this summer, we can all focus on changing up how we interact with the world around us. We can look at how we use social media and see where we would like to make changes. If we find ourselves not using any forms of social media, this could be a great chance to see what all the fuss is about. If we’ve taken a leave of absence for a while, this could be an opportunity to step back in for a bit. Social media has changed the way we learn from one another, allowing us incredible opportunities to share, grow, and experience the world in different perspectives. If we are sticking to the same patterns and habits, we might be shutting ourselves off from potentially great avenues for our development.

So, how can we shake things up this summer?

  1. Take a look at what we are using now. Like nearly everything we do in life, our social media habits can always use some reflection and consideration. Looking at how we have interacted with social media in the past and what we are doing now can help us to more clearly understand what we want our future use to look like.

  1. Try taking breaks this summer! No matter how much social media we use, nearly all of us could use a few reminders here and there to put our screens away. This summer is a great opportunity to make some radical changes and see how they feel!

  1. Where were we before? A great experiment for many of us this summer could be “getting back to basics.” What did we do before the internet? There is no better time to remember.  

  1. Trying something new. Whether that be shutting off all social media, taking a few breaks, or getting involved in an unfamiliar form of social media, we can all do with a little challenge! Pushing ourselves outside of our “norm” is a great way to grow and learn this summer.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Happy sharing and happy social media day!


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Id like to take a step back in time to before social media. Therefore I am going to take a 2 week break from it starting in August

sometimes i keep off as it can cause stress people being nasty but iys a way of keeping intouch with family and friendswh no longer live in the uk or live at the other end of the country 

People use social media for different reasons.

Some use it for keeping in touch with family and friends who don't live near them.


Excellent idea. Ring them and have a good natter or write a lengthy letter telling them all your news instead of the snatches of info social media allows.

Would do wonders for your ability to converse with each other instead of lol ing on here or loooool ing.