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Summer 2018 Highlights

Although most of us don’t want summer to ever end, unfortunately it’s come to that time. Children are going back to school, Strictly is coming back on and all hot beverages will have a pumpkin spiced alternative. With that said, it’s important to remember the good times as we say rest in peace to summer 2018.

Firstly, how could we ever forget the World Cup. Three lions were on the shirt and in our hearts. “It’s coming home” could be heard being sung outside most pubs until late hours of the evening and people who don’t even like football were incredibly invested in the sport. It was a few weeks of total patriotism as we reached the semi-finals with skills that were before unheard of for England. Although Croatia beat us (they probably cheated) I think most people can relate to that extreme hope that we all felt. Having said that, Viewsbankers did correctly predict the finishing results with an astounding 72.8% saying that we wouldn’t win. I think we can all agree that it was at least a little bit fun whilst it lasted. 

Secondly, we experienced a heat wave which was quite frankly unheard of for England. 57.2%of Viewsbankers were enjoying it and it was seemingly never ending at the time. It was one of the hottest summers that we have ever experienced as a nation. People were out in their gardens soaking up the rays which is a privilege we seldom see in the somewhat miserable weather we tend to experience. Although not everybody was a winner as record breaking amounts of people ended up in A&E and there were talks of starting a hose ban, the nation was in a seemingly better mood. One of our Viewsbankers said, “Yes, after a perfectly vile winter I am happy to be too hot for a few days.”

Finally, there was Love Island. It seems like a lifetime ago that this was a thing, however, we can’t deny that for many this popular reality TV show was a highlight. For a few weeks that was all the nation could talk about so love it or hate it, it was definitely big this summer. 3.8 million people tuned in to watch the finale, as it was the most popular season the TV show had ever had. That having been said only 4.2% of our Viewsbankers said they were avid reality TV fans so clearly it wasn’t enough to totally converted the masses. In fact, one Viewsbanker dislikes reality TV so much they said, “Reality TV is utter tripe”.

What were your summer highlights? Let us know in the comments below!


this year's summer has been reported the hottest of all time I hope it stays the same

I hate winter with a passion, roll on 2019

Roll on 2019

I agree, it's going to be harder to take this year because we actually had a summer!

I agree. I HATE the cold weather.

I hate winter with a passion, roll on 2019

I hate winter with a passion, roll on 2019. Love the Durrells , unforgotten. You know winter on its way when ,strictly and I’m a celebrity, comes on the tv.


The opiate of the masses - TV.  How blithely we comment on people glued to their computers or phones and then get back to the TV.

The widespread adoption of TV killed family life in the 50s and 60s.  Now people wonder what on earth I'm talking about!

Roll on more opiate.

Agree, roll on 2019 and warm weather again. Unforgotten was one of the highlights of the summer, superbly written and acted.

I love the sunshine, and this year was exceptional - especially as I live in Scotland.  This summer reminded me of the summer of 1976 when it was glorious sunshine right up to September.  Hopefully, next year will be as good!

I know right!

I love winter one of the best summer's to date for me that is.

My summer was eventful to say the least.Had an awning installed to cope with the heat and tried to save my valued plant collection but in the process got a large water bill.

am happier not that it's sunny but bearable 

This was the best summer ever, it's even still warm now.  Please dont leave us.

Love Island is tripe but do enjoy Big Brother and so sorry its ending


thats very true

i was born in africa so the sun is good but hate being cold though i love the landscape when its snowed

highlights for me was the warm weather it stops my bones from hurting

I loved leaving the door open and wandering in and out without needing an extra layer of clothing, enjoyed the World Cup, the heat and dry weather. Now I'm looking forward to Strictly, dark nights, open fires and cocoa.

Being pregnant for the first time ever, I'm glad it's been so warm as everyone is so much happier so has made being off work even better. Smile

The weather dried up the grass so wahey! Less mowing for me!!
Blooming flies were awful though, Thank heaven that they're gone now it's cooler.

It's getting cooler and the leaves are about to fall!

spending all of the summer in Greece Smile

Can I come?

Hope you spent some of it in Naxos?

My summer highlughts was seeing my child happy in the sea and enjoying her holidays

my summer highlights was looking after my one year old grandson and doing a job that enables me to be at home a good deal.

I hated the hot summer and am looking forward to autumn and winter

Never watched Love Island and never will! Where do they find these people?

A zoo?

I concur!  Unfortunately I am of the age now where the hot weather combined with my internal combustion of "up the Swannie" made it pretty unbearable.  Surprised I didn't end up as a greasy spot beneath my work desk!

Loved all the sunny weather

Wish is summer throughoutvthe year

I love summer I can show of all my hanging baskets and wall baskets    keep them watered with ice cubes  I freeze the water in my butt in a container in my freezer  it really is worth it there beautiful   sad when they finish

Best  summer yet ! Hope there will be more to come for future years ... 

Having a proper summer this year - being able to plan a bbq in advance and not be met with bad weather on the day

Holiday to.turkey

Holiday to Turkey

I just love the summer and dread the winter.  Yes, it might have been a tadge hot at times but I'd rather have that than the miseries of digging the car out of snow, treacherous icy pavements and huddling up in layers of clothes.

Yes true, but down here in Devon, we don't get snow like we did when we lived further North.

summer has been been beautiful with this weather

Think our climate has changed dramatically and this will be our 'norm' in the comming years. Extreme weather!

I think this years Heatwave made a huge difference, as I suffer from depression I certinatly noticed a change in my moods. Waking up and seeing the brightness appearing through the windows,makes one a bit more determined to get the most out of the Day and enjoy been outside amongst Nature’s Beauty! The warmth of the Sun is comforting,but the need to cover your body in high sunfactor froducts is a must if your going to be out in it for awhile. I find I get abit more ambitious, and want to do things in the day, rather than been stuck indoors when we have the winter months drawing closer and gloomy weather ahead.

A warm summer has been great for my well being.

Not looking foward to the cold i like it hot hot hot maybe i need to emigrate ha ha

I loved the heat, although it was just too hot at times! I am definitely not looking forward to the colder months though, I have a gut feeling that it will be super cold due to the immense heat that we experienced over the summer ;-(

The hot weather - the best summer ever and it seemed people were permanently in a good mood during all the weeks it lasted.

Hopefully the winter months will warm up as well.

Got to spend the full summer with my family instead of being away with work



Not having to mow the grass because it was dead!

I like summer when it’s not too hot, hate the sticky nights.