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Summertime is here!

Wow, we can’t believe it’s officially summer! For many of us here in the UK, the recent heatwave that ushered in the summer season felt like a bit of a shock, either welcome or unwanted, depending upon our comfort with a sunshine overdose. The drastic shift into summer provides us with a great opportunity to take a step back this weekend and think about what this season means to us and how we want our summer to look.

Each changing season is a reminder for us to live in the present, but summertime can often provide the strongest pull for us to do so on a daily basis. Not only are we more conscious of how we feel physically, for many of us, it can feel like the clock is ticking, counting down the time until the warm weather, sunshine, or vacations are over. We can feel that we are pushed to “fit it all in” and enjoy as much as we possibly can while it lasts.


For many of us, this season brings with it a deeper sense of freedom, both physically and mentally. In many ways, summertime gives us a much needed break from our routine, from the ways we typically do things, and it can often bring in a more casual approach to our lives. This is the time when many people take some form of break from work and obligations, but also a break from being cooped up inside! There are many more opportunities for us to get outside and enjoy the world that surrounds us!


Summertime can help us to feel more connected to the nature around us. Our bodies become in-tune with the season, often asking us for fresher, more natural foods, itching for more movement, and enjoying the fresh air and sunlight. Our days are longer, changing our sleeping patterns, and making each day feel like two. These feelings bring with them an awareness of our health, helping us to see more clearly where we are lacking and where we want to be.


So, how can we truly live in the moment, enjoying all that comes this summer? No matter where we are, what we are doing, vacation or work, we can all use these tips for enjoying this season and learning more about ourselves in the process.


  1. Bringing in the healthy habits. We can take this time to listen to our bodies, understanding more and more what makes us feel strong, healthy, and alive! From eating fresher foods, getting some extra vitamin D, breathing more fresh air, and getting outdoors more often than usual, each is a vital piece to healing ourselves and building great, long-lasting lifestyle choices.


  1. Doing something each day that challenges us. Each day is an opportunity for us to grow. While summertime is about taking it easy and enjoying, we can also infuse growth and exciting challenges into each day. Choosing to learn and grow this summer is the first challenge we can accept.


  1. Clear our minds. Summertime gives us the opportunity to shift from our routines, to infuse a little relaxation into our lives. Clearing our minds during this time is an important step in being present, enjoying what we do, understanding all we have done this year, and preparing for what comes next.


  1. Get outside more. No matter how often or how little we find ourselves in nature, now is the time to increase it tenfold. Connecting to nature helps us to connect to ourselves and others, understanding the world around us in a different and more simplistic way. Each of us has a connection to nature, now is the time to explore it further!


  1. Make time for the quiet. Bringing in more moments of complete silence, total stillness, even if just for a few minutes or even moments, shifts us from our trajectory. When we allow ourselves to be truly quiet, to sit with ourselves and all that comes, we are listening to ourselves, checking in, and helping to understand ourselves better.


  1. Strengthening our self-love! No matter how wonderful, beautiful, and amazing we may feel, summertime can bring out our insecurities more than any other season. We have often been told to stress about our bodies, bathing suits, and looking fit during summer. This year, we can shift our awareness to being self-conscious to being full of self-love.


  1. Bringing more play into our lives. No matter our age or lifestyle, we can all do with adding some more play into our lives, whether that means dancing, singing, building, creating, or even making more jokes and laughing more often! Play is what keeps us connected to one another and to ourselves, it’s how we explore the world. We can share this summer with the people around us and play more often!


How will you be diving head-first into summer? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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