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Travelling in Uncertain Times


I don’t need to sit here and tell you about how your summer holiday plans have been disrupted this year. Even if your travel plans haven’t been personally affected by the Covid-19 outbreak you’ll likely know someone who has been in that position.

It goes without saying that the damage to the travel industry has been huge – it has been one of the worst effected sectors after all. Thousands of job losses have already been announced, with many more likely to follow once the furlough scheme ends in October. This morning, the CEO of British Airway’s parent company IAG claimed that this current crisis is the worst in its history.

With all of this in mind, we thought it would be interesting to gather our Viewsbanker’s thoughts on travel, to find out not only whether your plans have been thrown into chaos, but also to understand your appetite for travel, and how this has changed with the ongoing pandemic.

In a recent Omnibus survey of 1,019 nationally representative adults, it will likely come as no surprise to you that UK destinations are proving a more tantalising prospect than their foreign counterparts, at least for the time being, with 34% of respondents indicating that they either already have a domestic trip booked, or intend to book one as soon as possible. Compare that with just 21% who have a trip abroad booked or intend to book one as soon as possible. The other point to consider here is that this survey was run before the Government’s recent announcement to remove Spain from the list of countries that do not require travellers to quarantine upon return to the UK.

The Government’s recent U-turn on Spain (and now Luxembourg) due to rising cases of Covid-19 there, will also have likely added a further dose of uncertainty to the minds of would be travellers. We’ll be re-running a section of this survey in the coming week to see if our suspicions are correct in that confidence in travel abroad will decrease further inline with the Government’s decision. In my opinion it certainly feels like you can’t take anything for granted right now.

What do you think? How do you feel about the prospect of travelling abroad in the near future? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear your thoughts!



I am not surprised that we have had to reintroduce measures for foreign travel, just looking at the social distancing on the Spanish beaches was not sensible, and whilst it may not be in that region previous history it travels very fast,so no one should have been surprised. What surprised me was how many people who had been willing to take the risk to travel at this time, when the virus is still prevails.

for the future, personally I don’t think I would contemplate flying, we all know how often you catch a cold after being on a plane, and how ever much the airlines may say they have done everything to make it safe, I would be unwilling to take the risk, especially as I am 60 and slightly overweight. I value my life too much and want to do everything to avoid catching it or passing it on to others. I think we have a civic and moral duty to do this.

likewise cruise ships are off the agenda as well as they too are confined spaces, many people and air conditioning units. Given what happened when the virus started, I will avoid them until there is a cure or vaccine.

if I had to go to the continent, and I had no choice, then I would go by car through the tunnel, as at least I am isolated from everyone else.

To be honest I believe we can manage without a holiday this year, I live in the southwest in Devon and I am very worried about the number of visitors we are getting, I know we need the business but perhaps not this year. We have fewer hospitals and police needed for the influx and could very quickly overwhelmed.


Dont get me wrong I would love a holiday but these are difficult times, we are at war albeit against a virus. You would not take a holiday during a war, you would do whatever it took to defeat the foe. That is what we should be doing now, it’s not the Goverments or NHS sole role it is ours too.



I won't be travelling anywhere soon.  We have our own holiday let in the UK and that was closed without any income whatsoever between March and July. We are included in the list of the 3m excluded by this Tory government....not one penny of income since March and no financial support at all from the government.

That said, we are now open again (toss of a coin how long for) but bookings have gone through the roof...full since opening and the next available date is mid November.  I suppose we're getting some of the money the Costa Del Sol would have had...not that we will get back our losses during lockdown but it's a relief  to be earning again.

Had to go up to Manchester on Monday and ventured to Picadilly Gardens on wednesday, talk of lack of social distancing!  At least the majority had on face masks.

The government shoild never have encouraged peole to travel  its all about the economy 

my so visited from Germany on the 22nd  july  no tempriture test entering or leaving via manchester  

he wore a mask for nineteen hours as he also slepyt in the airport  he said it made him feel weary 

he was checked when arriving in germany but the UK  show me your money 

I think the goverment tried to run before they were walking, travel should not have been allowed ,all oversea travel should have been stopped in 2020 including people coming in, pubs should not have opened so soon either and masks should have been brought in sooner

i never travel, never been in a plane.  However it is so worrying at the deevastation this virus is doing to travel and airline companies.  We all have to stay afe and life and living is the most dearest thing to us and our loved one's. I would not take any chance to travel anywhere including this country.   Let's get rid of the virus first then we will concentrate on rebuilding. 

The only travelling I will be doing for now will be visiting relatives abroad or in the UK.

A holiday in these circumstances would be no fun - you can't let your hair down, and the tourist attractions, local markets, restaurants etc will probably be closed.

It's devastating because we had planned our holiday destinations for the next few years - who knows whether the places we want to visit will still be open years later. 

I will not be too upset if this pandemic is the end of the airline industry and cruise ships. They are developing green trains, and I think that will be the way forward.

I am not planning to travel

I am not planning to travel

I was lucky enough to have taken my holiday before the pandemic struck so i am more fortunate than most.  However I am not even confident that it will be safe to travel abroad next year.    I do feel sorry for people and places who rely on tourists for their livelyhood this situation has been devastating for them.  We have already booked a holiday for 2023 though.

Need to apply for a passport but am not even doing so at the moment

Really not wanting to travel anywhere at the moment. The health risk just isn't worth it. Plus the hassle of trying to get refunds and dealing with quarantine too. Sounds like a nightmare. It's terrible for the tourist industry. Everyone's a loser.
One month later and I still feel the same!

I have just come back from 2 weeks in Germany to visit my son whom I hadn't seen for 18 months, as he was away working in the Far East last year. I live on my own and was getting really depressed. As soon as it was feasibly possible I travelled in the only way I thought safe: driving straight there using the tunnel and stopping only for petrol. He lives in a rural area where there are practically no more cases and very few tourists. It was wonderful and I wish I could have stayed on there. Coming back to the UK was not a good feeling at this time.

Traveling is very stressful and inconvenient this period we have to quarantine before and after you have returned
I will just stay put where i am for now

We returned from a much needed holiday in Turkey last week and I have to say I felt MUCH safer and confident whilst there. They had a much stricter lockdown in the beginning and have been wearing masks all the time when they go outside (even walking down the street) for much longer than we have here. Their livelihoods depend on tourism as  there are no handouts from the government so they want to keep infection rates down. 

'Well at this point I'm going nowhere. Lacking in funds to travel due to no work. The virus would not stop me travelling to Europe though, being single and no chidren to worry for.

Views bank is my favourite survey company they are easy running without any hindrances

Depending on the urgency, it's easy to structure and system to filter which travel is passed or not

I have never been on a plane, neither am I planning to, not even in this critical condition the whole world is passing through. But the most important thing is to stay safe cause life is the most desirable thing despite the fact that its succumb by irritable factors

Would like to travel when it is safer as at the moment not safe enough

The problem is people coming back from high risk countries and not isolating the Bolton person going on a pub crawl and infecting 200 people and i have heard of other people returning straight to work .I am unable to go on holiday anywhere had a hernia operation cancelled in april devastated the infections are rising again i am just in limbo no holidays for me.

locdown are Need or Not????

What? (Again in English please.)

Friend went to Italy as it was safe to go there. Since then Italy has seen a surge and Manchester has gone into T3, despite neither his home nor the airport being in Manchester.

His flight has been cancelled and he can't get home and he has to isolate over there for 14 days so can't even start to make enquiries about getting home til after the 1st November.


Then again, IMO, I wouldn't have gone in the first place!

Stay at home

I am not planning to travel


Not for now

I have to agree that the travel industry has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak because there were and there are restrictions on moving across Covid-19 Tiers of different areas or regions.

planning to travel

No, because of covid19

Forget non UK travel till 2023.


By then green taxes will be sustantial any how

I don't plan to travel, all I will do is visit my relatives