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Viewsbank in Numbers at Christmas

As you're probably aware, it's that time of year again, so we thought it would be nice to ask our members some obviously very important festive questions like what everyone's having for Christmas dinner, or about their preference for real or artificial Christmas trees... Like I said, really important stuff! Anyway, the results are in below. Any surprises? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally, the team at Viewsbank would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Wow , what will I be doing. Well now I am older uuhmmm 67 years young I will b celebrating with family of course . Watching the grandchildren and my children enjoy theirselves. 

Eating Turkey of course with all the trimmings 

What I especially like is the build up to Christmas catching up with friends over a drink or two, hic!! I love the atmosphere in the pub lol 

getting as much practice as possible for the big day ha ha 

I have 6 sisters so we like to get together having a chat and a catch up 

When our Mum was alive we always got the gossip at Mums house and now we dont have that luxury we have to meet up and see whats going on in the family . There is always someone in the family who has that Eastenders drum moment at the end lol 

So thats me children, grandchildren, family catch ups and friends with a drink or too in between. Happy Christmas Everyone x

Wishing the Team at Viewsbank and members on here and their families, a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

My wishes for 2019 - Remember animals are Sentient beings, they have families, they feel pain, love, fear, enjoyment and also give love in return. Please take steps to make 2019 Cruelty Free. Thank you.

All the best to all over this Holiday season 

Having me ol' mum round for dinner, meeting my brothers familly , and celebrating the birth of Christ

I can't believe a terrible Will Ferrell film beat out Santa Claus: The Movie. Or that it beat any film, for that matter.

I do not wish to be a real downer, but I went down to see my Mum yesterday, who is in a Care Home, recovering from a minor op to remove a serious problem - a clot in the artery behind her knee.

She's given up and is dying - she will be 90 in mid-January, but I do not think she will make it: even Christmas is looking uncertain, though I think she may just make it to New Year, but surely be bed-ridden and more or less in a coma.  Bedside vigil will be the name of the game, just as with my father, though at least that was only 15 minutes' drive away, not 3+ hours. 

She's basically given up eating and I'm not sure just how long a frail body can go on like that.

My eldest daughter is back in the UK from Australia for the first time in 4 years (Mum loves her to bits) and I'd hoped they could at least have a chat on Skype.  It didn't happen.  It's now certain that they'll never see, let alone meet, again, as Mum made it very clear that she wants no visitors - not even me. 

Which is sad, because my youngest was 21 on the 20th and I've not seen or heard from her in 5+ years and Mum has not for over 10 - despite sending her birthday and Christmas cards (and presents) every one of those  21 years.


Emma has seen me on just two of those 21 birthdays (first and ninth) - and then they were shared with her Mum (which was always fine by me, but her Mum did everything humanly possible to make those two occasions difficult for me and unpleasant for Emma - who actually loved both!).


My ex- is a truly nasty, and spiteful ****.  Hatred has poisoned her very soul.


My father's father had a stroke on the evening of Christmas Eve back in 1932, when he was not yet 50 and my father only 13: he died a few days later.  It seems that my family is fated to have unhappy Christmas times.


Please - no comments on this - I'm just telling you all that life's not always the 'tinsel and glitter'; food and booze; family and fights that most families have at this time of year!  And having no money, no real heating, hot water or TV does not make a solitary Christmas much fun, either.


But enough of my troubles - I spent a massive £175 on presents for everyone in my family (7) and another £15 on my Christmas lunch***.  To paraphrase Mae West: 'I've been comfortably off (say 6-8 yrs) and I've been desperately poor (say 16-18yrs) - and the latter is no fun'.


*** It will feed me for a week - for another £5 or less!

U can go to a food bank I use them when I'm broke which will be next week

Happy New Year for all humaines

Stayed with two sons last week and saw one on Christmas Eve; had a quiet day yesterday cooking for just two of us, some lovely presents; boxing day had a nice walk and eating boring leftovers; tomorrow cleaning house before son, wife and four kids come for the day on Friday.
2018 wasn't so good, some family members had serious mental and physical illnesses but I just hope that 2019 will be good for everyone.

spent time with family

Let be happy at first time

All that spending for one day

With family 


Merry Christmas to all of us

It's ok but realised this Christmas that I don't like Christmas trees sorry Jill

Me personally isn't going to be affected by this lockdown because I wasn't planning on celebrating Christmas.

I'm just gonna stay home and sleep. And have a everyday meal like everyone else