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Viewsbank in Numbers at Christmas 2019

Thanks to all who took our recent Christmas Survey - it's the second year in a row that we've run this survey and it was intersting to see how the numbers compared to last year!

We had a slightly larger sample this year - 2,395 of you vs. 2,147 from last Christmas, but fascinatingly despite the slightly larger pool of members, and of course plenty of new members joining throughout the year, many of the numbers remained relatively unchanged. I guess Viewsbankers are a traditional bunch?!

For example, despite the rise in popularity of vegetarianism/veganism over the past year, that option remained static at 7% for Christmas dinner, with Turkey again taking the crown (sorry!) with a whopping 60%.

Interestingly just 19% of you will be hitting the Boxing day sales this year, down from 22% last year - perhaps a sign of the times or simply the fact that we've all had enough of sale shopping after Black Friday?

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that overall Christmas spend is up significantly this year, with that average now sitting at £797.06 up £295.76 from £501.30 - perhaps reflecting rising costs/inflation but certainly showing that Brexit uncertainty isn't spoiling Christmas for many of you.

Home alone retains the top spot in terms of favourite Christmas films this year, but its lead is slipping - it's down 1% to 10% of the overall vote, with Love Actually moving up to 2nd place and Elf retaing 3rd.

Anyway, check out the infographic below for more of the figures and let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally, thanks for being a Viewsbank member this year and we'd like to take the opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the whole Viewsbank team! 


sadly i couldnt do it as survey gizmo was playing up again 

Happy Christmas all.

merry christmas everone

Christmas is nearly on us!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you Team Viewsbank.

I hope 2020 will be a better year and see a better place to live in Happy Christmas and New Year to all 

Merry Christmas to everyone All the best for 2020

Merry Christmas to everyone

Happy Christmas everyone, interesting survey results. What will we all do without Viewsbank! It was an expensive Christmas.

Happy ex_ mas to everyone and happy new year in advance

Happy Christmas 




Life's hard

many decades ago made Christmas the finest day and season to attend with the whole family or with those closest to them but, very many have globally have blinded themselves in Keeping up with the Jones's and have found that they have been reduced to poverty. Television has conditioned many to watch and stay tuned so that they get to know how to fit in. Many of Modern Society don't know how things work nor do they know how to fix and repair what ever may have failed. It is often found that as most of the world is catching up with the mass, they have no time to see what's needing their attention   

there is another arguement that being, with todays Technology and Sciences Mankind has been studied so much that the System knows already your next move 



Continue with the survey's, they can give people an understanding of how the British general public are feeling about what is happening in this country

Very nice


Happy to be part of it get in.


It looked really good and very grat


This is a nice survey. Please continue ur good work

Missed it. I've done nothing and been nowhere due to shielding and Caring.

Very nice. Merry Christmas everone!

Happy Christmas Peeps

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