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Viewsbank in Numbers at Christmas 2020

It's that time of year again - it only seems like 5 minutes ago that we ran our last Christmas survey - although I'm sure that was largely due to the horrible year we've all had!

Anyway, thanks once again for taking part in our annual tradition (well for the last three years anyway!) of our Christmas survey. This year once again we saw an increase in sample size, although only very slight - 2,433 of you up from 2,395 last year.

As you will see from the infographic below - Turkey is unsuprisingly continuing to reign supreme at the Christmas dinner table, although it has dropped ever so slightly from last year in terms of its overall popularity.

Perhaps as suspected, average spend is down from £797.06 to £785.72 this year, although if I'm being honest I may have expected to see a bigger drop. Maybe that's related to broad mix of financial situations we've seen across the economy - while some unfortunate people are losing their jobs and tightening their belts, others are finding they're left with more disposable income due to not having so many places in which to spend it. Do you agree?

Another Covid victim is of course the Boxing Day sales - with what already appeared to be a slowly dying tradition for the high streets seeing an even bigger blow this year. Just 13% of you told us you intend to hit the sales on Boxing Day - down from 19% last year.

In terms of Christmas movies - Home alone has retained the crown, actually increasing in popularity from 10% to 11%. Elsewhere "It's a Wonderful Life" moves up two places to 2nd and "Die Hard" beats out last year's "A Christmas Carol" for 5th place. I know it's sometimes debated as to whether Die Hard is actually a proper Christmas movie, but clearly plenty of Viewsbankers think it is!

We hope you enjoy taking a look at our Christmas infographic below, and most of all we wish all of our members a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to reading your comments below!


This year has been AWFUL


On the whhole I would rather forget 2020 ((I think most people would agree) and spend my energy on looking forward to 2021.

And covid 2021? Coz that's what 2021 will consist of, more restrictions and a mutated virus, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it's going nowhere

bring on 2021

Cant say i am looking forward to 2021 because we shant get up new years day with a clean slate 

Have a good one if you can

Let's hope next year will be much safer for everyone .

I have not had any joyful days this year .

Happy Christmas and New Year everyone 

I don't know you go away for a day of two and Christmas surveys creep up on you and you miss them.....

Bring on 2021

sorry I missed the chance to take part, hope to hext year, just out of hospital



There will only be 2 of us for Christmas Dinner this year owing to Covid

Same here. Was going to daughters who lives away and I hardly ever see her but that all changed and was just me and hubby but at least we had each other.

I think these results are hugely tainted by Covid (Shock! Surprise?!) Much like everything has been in 2020. We'd usually have turkey or goose with pork and ham with several trimmings and veggies. There'd usually be between 5 and 9 of us, and sometimes up to 30, but this year there are only 2 so we're not having any of the foods we'd usually eat. We'd usually buy a real tree, but decided we wouldn't even have a tree this year, but as Christmas got closer we decided to get the artificial tree out as thought it'd cheer us up. We spent less on gifts because money is short. "It's a Wonderful Life" will always be our favourite Christmas movie though.

Hard to believe we're still in lockdown and danger of infection is omnipresent. Thank goodness vaccines are here and providing protection.

Covid-19 Lockdown made it impossible for people to fully enjoy the festival season the usual way they normally have it, which was not good at all.

not best year


Not the best year

A very stressful year

Have a blessed New Year!

Not a good year

nothing good about the year alot of upsets this last year

know comment

 dont have any comment at tihs time



What survey?