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Welcome to May, Share Your Story!

Spring is the season celebrated for the natural growth that surrounds us, both in nature and within ourselves. This is our time to declutter, clarify, and make changes in our lives that will align us with the lives we want to be living.

May is National Share A Story Month, allowing us the perfect opportunity to share all that we have learned, are learning, and all that we hope to achieve.

Why should we share our stories? “Simple: nothing else works.”


An incredibly impactful way of moving forward in our understanding of ourselves and the world around us is to share our stories with others. In order to tell our stories, we must first take a step back and reflect. When we shift our attention and give space to understanding where we have been, we heal even more.


When we share with others, we’re not only sharing the knowledge, we’re sharing parts of ourselves. These moments of sharing are invaluable and have the potential to impact others in ways we could never imagine. Not only is there this two-way healing in sharing, there is also a ripple-effect when we share our stories. When we open ourselves to others, they are more likely to share their own stories with others in the future.


Stories constantly surround us and help to dictate the decisions we make, what and who we trust, and how we view ourselves and others. This month, we can all make an effort to understand our own stories more fully. What is it we want more clarity on? How are we telling our stories now? Are they the stories we want to be telling in the future?


  1. Re-evaluate. First, we can give ourselves the space and time to actually think about the stories we’re already telling. We then need to determine if they ring true for who we see ourselves to be and where we see ourselves going.  


  1. Simplify. We often get stuck in the magnitude of our lives. While we are incredibly complex creatures, we also have the ability to boil our experiences down, to condense our message to others and to ourselves.


  1. Pay attention your audience. When share, it’s important that we learn from those we are sharing with. Each person brings different perspectives, questions, and lessons to us, we just need to listen.


  1. Embrace the vulnerability. Telling others about our lives and sharing true parts of ourselves is incredibly difficult because we are vulnerable. This can feel very scary, but we have to remember that this is where the greatest growth can come from. “You will either step forward into growth or backward into safety.”  


  1. Listening to ourselves and others is key here. Storytelling requires that we be bold, to bravely share and give of ourselves, but it also requires us to dive deeper into ourselves and learn more about who we are. We are never perfect and we never will be, but we can commit to our growth through sharing with others and ourselves.


Take this opportunity to share with those around you, be it friends, family, coworkers, in person, or anonymously! Use Viewsbank as a platform to share your stories, big or small! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


Happy sharing,