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What do you value most when it comes to smartphones?


As much as some of us may hate to admit it, Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and even to those of us old enough to remember life before the Smartphone revolution, it can seem like a lifetime ago.

Love them or hate them, it is becoming increasingly difficult to live our lives without being constantly connected to them, or through them to the wider internet. For many people, they have replaced our cameras, our computers and even our wallets. With every new feature they become more important, and often more expensive it would seem if you were to glance at the ever-growing list prices of the latest top-of-the-range phones.

With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to see how our members feel about their phones, and so this week we put out a survey to help us understand a bit more about what features you value most and how much you spend on your phones.

Firstly, we decided to find out how you pay for your phones, in terms of whether they are pay monthly (including the cost of the device), sim only, or pay as you go. Pay monthly (including device cost) was still the most popular (43%), despite the cost of new devices pushing monthly bills higher over the last few years. Sim only came in a close second at 41% with pay as you go at 17%.

Those on pay as you tend to pay the least for their credit, with a whopping 80% paying £10 or less per month for their credit – impressive stuff! Sim only still tends to be pretty reasonable though, with 55% reporting that they pay £10 or less per month. Of course, those on pay as you go or sim only will have to purchase their devices separately but will have the most flexibility, while those who pay monthly for their device pay the most on average, with 70% paying £20 or more, and 10% paying a whopping £50 or more each month.

In terms of brand popularity, unsurprisingly Samsung (37%) and Apple (35%) continue to reign supreme. Huawei is still holding strong in 3rd place with 10% despite the ban on Huawei using Google apps/services. It will be interesting to see if Huawei drop in popularity over the coming year or two due to this  as people’s contracts finish, or they look to upgrade.

Every two years (43%) remains the most popular upgrade cycle for changing phone, while a growing number of people (22%) are holding on a bit longer for every three years. We also have a decent number of members (17%) who are keen to hold on to their phones until they are no longer economical to repair, which was interesting to see.

Mid-range phones (66%) are easily the top pick for our members vs. top of the range (23%) and budget (11%), which is really no surprise, considering that the latest flagships are pushing well into four figures now at launch, and that mid-range phones now offer an almost flagship experience for a more competitive price.

When it comes to what features you are most interested in when shopping for a new smartphone, it is clear that battery life is the most important, with 82% of you selecting this option. Storage capacity is second with 63%, with camera quality just behind in third at 58%. It doesn’t seem that long ago when people were constantly charging their phones and running out of storage, so perhaps a few years of lacklustre performance from flagship phones in this area has finally driven consumers and manufacturers to prioritise the basics over fancier things. For example, premium design ranked lowest with just 10% picking it, and the latest connectivity (e.g. 5G) didn’t fare much better with 14% - sorry networks!

What’s most important to you when it comes to your smart phone these days? Do you agree with the results of our survey? Let us know in the comments – we love reading what you have to say.

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I have a Huawei P30 Lite which I won - and love because it is a decent size, has a wonderful camera and everything I do with it is far more instinctive than my previous Samsung.

For me ease of use and camera come top.

Ease of use is definitely an important feature.

I would always go with ease of use too. I think the size of the screen and visual display is important because the user is of course looking at it for many hours a day, especially if they are using it for work. In addition robustness, e.g, resilience to dropping, getting wet and every day use is important. I think with the growing issues with fraud an in-built facility to protect the owner from theft would be very innovative.


Yes easier the better to understand your phone some are so difficult to use

with certainty

I agree!

The most important thing is not to get hacked good security is a must

They are invaluable, I drive a good deal and have GPS navigation to hand


I only have a phone because it is increasingly difficult to funtion without one, but I had my husband's iPhone 8 when he upgraded.

I'm the same. So many websites now require a code to be sent to the mobile for security. It's as if it's assumed everyone has a mobile these days, which I didn't until recently.

I strongly agree when I feel like I'm stressed I turn to my phone

I always thought i did not need one and when covid 19 started my landline and internet went off for ten days i could not get through to them on my neighbourd phone and they ordered me one so it was a godsend it has been so usefull taking photos pout in the park and texting my friends 

I very much agree with the top smartphone features and mid-range phones. For me battery life, storage capacity and camera quality are the most important too. The basics are so important! I prefer Samsung but it's quite pricey so I happily consider alternatives that have enough quality and the important features. I don't like to pay a lot per month - especially as I don't use my phone all the time, though my use might go up in future but I still would want to be economical with it. My current phone is actually a gift from a friend as her daughter had upgraded and her old phone is brilliant, plenty for all I need! Biggrin

Hi enchantedrose.  I don't know if you have heard of 1p mobile but they are getting to be quite popular for those of us who aren't on our phones 24/7.  You have to pay £10 every 4 months and believe it or not, that is plenty for me as I use WhatsApp to phone people I know as it's free. But if you want to make an ordinary phone call, it's 1p per minute. Texts 1p each but again, if you use WhattsApp or messenger it's free.  Well worth a look into. https://www.1pmobile.com/  Hope that's of some interest to you.


I have a Samsung S10 plus, The phone is fine but it has a lot of functions that i don't need or now what they are.

Easy to use as I am a pensioner.    Reliable, as I like to know I can keep in toucyh and ii can summon help it needed.  Good battery life.   Good camera so I can take photos of everything memorable.

I have a Samsung S9 - due to update

I have a Samsung 20 FE it's not much different to my Samsung galaxy 8+ I do love my new phone and it works with 5g
Although I am still on 4g .It's super fast with a big screen .I pay sim only £5 a month because I can connect my phone to home broadband .it's a mini computer in my pocket

good camera and reliable

Dont have one Smile

I don't have one either.  They are simply not secure enough for my liking.  If someone wants the information off the [very basic, not even a camera] 'phone that I have now - they will have to mug me for it.  

I need the phone for business use being able to send and receive emails on the go, make phone calls and take photographs. I want it to do these things quickly and effiicently, ut alsothe battery lasts for a whole day. Some of the apps are useful but not essential. I like using Whats App to communicate with others, especiallly with family overseas. It is sometimes good to have social media but not essential.

I have IPhone but  it soon loses charge ... but going off these results ...may go back to Samsung as I did have one previously!

Decent camera and ease to use 

The main reason that, at 79, I have a smartphone is to keep in touch with my Daughter and Son who both live abroad.  It seems that it is appropriate for me to pay out every month for a 'phone that I otherwise rarely use in order to maintain contact via WhatsApp.

Good Internet coverage and fine camera.

I am getting more and more annoyed by this relentless move to do everything via a mobile phone. I CANNOT get a signal where I live (and yes, I have tried ALL the service providers but the village is in a valley with virtually no signal. As a result I frequently have the discussion with customer services, when trying to logon to a website on my laptop "just key in the code we sent to your phone" then try to explain I can't use my laptop where the mobile works and the mobile doesn't work where my laptop works.

And I find the concept of 'better security' laughable, when they are sending verification codes etc. to the very device that has been lost/stolen. Please will someone explain how that 'improves' security??

I love samsung phones

Very convenient for keeping in touch with family who live far and wide, also for checking emails. I certainly don't have it attached to my hip though!

Couldn't live without my Moto E5 play. It was cheap and costs about £5 PAYG per month. Keeps me in touch with news and family and it's a source of entertainment and knowledge. Interesting to read your facts and statistics.

A big screen as eyes not as good as they used to be

A big screen as eyes not what they used to be.


 I have i iphone 11 and have always used iphones and other apple products as i find them so so easy to use. I used to look for little phones where as know i look for bigger models (so i dont loose them,as easy)

I like all the new colours they are still bringing out.

I love using my camera to take action photos of my children on days out, but the battery life is also important to me.

As i am getting older,i find the bigger the screen the better too,as there so much easier to read on.

I use my phone for everything so its great to have it all on 1 product from emails, to banking apps but also love you can protect your device for just yourself giving you that little bit of safety comfort such as fingerprint or face recognition.

Mobile phones are easy to use

It has to be easy to use, fit in my pocket. Most of all it has to be as cheap as possible. I really don't care about having the most up to date model. When it comes down to the basics. A top range one does the same as a basic one, make & receive phone calls. And send & receive texts

For me the most important thing is camera quality and screen

my favourite thing is being able to say truthfully that l haven't got one, especially when some clown makes the generalised statement, "but EVERYONE'S got a smartphone these days" !!! NO THEY ****** HAVEN'T !!!!

My favourite things about my smartphone are the camera and the clock, alarm and calculator; these are really useful applications for the smartphone.

all my photos

earlier this year instead of updating and getting a new phone i just went for sim only with my current phone. have to ***** ******* nowadays, and so far so good. i have a phone becuase it's become necessary for some things. but i'd love not to need it.

Yeah, it has become part of us

I like my Nokia it does everything I need and more and has a zeiss camera which is a bonus.

I love my IPHONE 6 plus still.

Easy to use, i love so practical

hi the phone have to be simple operation and I would only use it if I had to as I don't live on my phone

My phone has just been repaired due to water damage. I have so much information stored on it, I didn't want to loose it. Besides it was cheaper to get repaired than buy a new, or even a 2nd hand replacement

I always had Samsung, I love it especially the camera ,does high quality pictures.

Easy to use, stores everything , my lifeline

Easy to use, stores everything , my lifeline