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Whose jobs are safe from AI?


I’m sure we’ve all heard about the rising tide of AI (artificial intelligence) which is here to steal all your jobs. AI has worked its way into the way we hail cabs,commute to workand use airplanes. This week’s blog is dedicated to finding out who really is in trouble when AI is perfected and becomes a solution to the human condition.

One of the jobs that we know is safe is mental health worker.You can teach a robot to react to certain conditions, but you can never validate someone going through a struggle with an automated response, and they know that. To prove this, I said to Siri “I’m upset”, and the response was “I would give you a foot rub, but I don’t have any hands”. Obviously, Siri is programmed to give a joking response that entertains more than comforts, but how would a robot be able to understand the nuisances between joking and being serious, especially when someone is being sarcastic. Dietitians and nutritionistsare also on the list of people who don’t need to worry for now. There’s no AI being developed that could be creative yet personal which is normally what this job title entails. What dishes can you make to improve someone’s lifestyle based off preferences they have, which simultaneously makes them happy and also brings them closer to their goal. Surgeons for this reason are also supposedly safe, although whilst they’ve been marked as safe by leading experts on AI, I think the people actually performing the surgeries could surely be replaced the same way that they now have machines able to delicately assemble microchips. Once you’ve inputted all the correct data, who is to say what a machine could be capable of. 

The unsafe jobs seem to be incredibly close to being fully replaced. Telemarketersare an excellent example of this, as it has a routine and is predictable. Anything that follows a script is at risk, as you could program AI to perform this task easily. The same way Alexa and Siri give scripted responses to any questions asked, a telemarketing program could easily do the same. Routine is the key to being replaced by AI, which is why another job close to extinction is the fast food cooks. Everything about that is rationed and planned, the portion sizes and cooking time for example. It would not be difficult to get a robot to follow this routine in response to orders. The final example of jobs that would be under the greatest risk would be paralegal and legal assistants. This is due to the same reasons as before, it’s a job that follows routine. The law is not subjective, challenging it and using it in arguments might be, however where the law stands on certain issues is definitely a programmable matter. 


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AI, has to be programmed, therefore as stated, follow scripts... i don't believe for one second we can be replaced. In our jobs we have all been asked to do something out of the ordinary (unscripted). I cant see how Scripted Intelligence can achieve this.

If it has to follow a script then it's not AI... the whole point of AI is that it isn't scripted. The term is being used too widely.

Hm AI, by that I take it you are referring to 'Hard Coded Human Error (TM)' Smile

If a job is not routine & repetative then AI can not replace it, working with people is too unprdictable.

Some jobs will be aided by AI but not necessarily completely replaced, for example physicians and surgeons, but we may then need fewer of them.Carers and Health Care Assistants fall into the same category. Drivers of taxis, buses and HGVs will all eventually be replaced and I'm pretty sure train and tube drivers could be now if the union wasn't so powerful!

I can't see AI replacing baby minders or child minders. Children are too unpredictable and smart. I'd happily welcome any AI assistant willing to take over home decorating and house cleaning.

People will be replaced only tech companies will be involved to mantain and update 

Most of the places I've worked over the years, any form of intelligence would be welcome

Ha!  I worked there too. 

The company i work in is now starting to automate processes that were done manually and has stated an aim to reduce job roles by 2020

This is a ridiculous idea and i dont see why it was even thought of

Wouldn't it be ironic if that comment was written by a robot ? 

AI can work fantastically in the right place. Though there are many jobs it can never replace!

Good for some not for all

It can have my job