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Why are Students So Stressed?

Why are students so stressed?

The most recent A-Level season has just seen a record breaking amount of students seeking medical attention for stress related problems.  We thought we would ask our Viewsbank members exactly what they thought about the different factors which are stressing students out. 

Is it always this stressful?

A major problem affecting students (especially those around A-Level age) is the work they’re putting in for what may potentially not be the most exciting reward. What if they’re stressing themselves out for something which will have no place in their lives after? This exact question is driving students all over the country to do apprenticeship work instead of pursuing higher education41.4% of our Viewsbankers found that they had forgotten most of what they had learnt at A-Level, and what they remember now is just mostly general knowledge.

One member said, No. I might have more general knowledge than I had sixty years ago but I doubt I could pass any exams today”.

Is the debt worth the qualification?

Obviously, this is a very subjective question with a subjective answer. With the interest rate spiking to over 6%, 39% of you said that it depends on what you plan on studying that makes it worthwhile. One member even went as far as to say, The amount of debt is irrelevant as many won't pay it back anyway”.

How often am I really going to use this?

In the US, only 27% of university graduates use their field of study in their graduate jobs. In fact, the majority of people (37%) when asked, responded saying that they definitely couldn’t pass their A-Levels (or equivalent) tomorrow if they had to retake them. One of our members said I remember a Teacher telling me that 95% of what you learn at School you will never use. I think he was right."

What are your thoughts about the amount of pressure put on young people studying for their A-Levels? Let us know in the comments below. 


... you are being tested


Absolutley,   well said i think the same too

 Unnecessary pressures from tutors & parents 

The exam pressures have always been there, even when I was at school some 55 years ago. The difference is that everything is ahared on social media, one child confesses to anxiety and it spreads like mass hysteria. Also, students, and their parents, need proper guidance as to opportunities after school. University is not always the best option. Proper apprenticesships and learning on the job are alternatives that can lead to a worthwhile career. 

Too true

I have twin girls the pressures that the school put on the pupils is ridiculous all the school is bothered about is the results for the school NOT the pupils. Theres no support for them with the pressure the school put on them an they are not interested in the welfare of the pupils.

I hope when they go to University the support there for them is better than the schools provide.

The same applies to univeristy degrees as it does to A-levels, you forget what you've learned pretty quickly unless it's information you're using all the time. This is why professional qualifications make more sense as your obliged to keep your knowledge up to date or lose your accreditation.

As for stress, if they're more stressed now than in the past you have to ask what's changed. Two key things to me is a) people keep asking about how stressed you are, so even if you're not especially it's 'expected' that you should be b) as someone else as said, social media spreads the lastest trauma and angst like wild-fire.

It's a bunch of tests, of course there's going to be a certain level of stress, just like going for an interview, a first date, taking professional exams etc etc, life is full of stresses and it can be a good thing, it helps sharpen your responses (fight or flight).

Of course the parents who think their kids should be constantly supported i.e. have their noses and derrieres wiped for them, have a lot to answer for....even youngsters themselves admit they're not prepared for the world, because mummy and daddy have done everything for them. Just see the recent studies done for university students and see what they say about being constantly wrapped in cotton wool and how that's affected them when they have to head out alone.

Obviously you have nobody at 17/18 studying i never said they need pampering far from it.. theres NO support from schools all they are bothered about are the statistic of the SCHOOL... the 2 years my girls have been studying for the A levels I bet they have had at least in ewach year had 2 lots of mock exams each year.. Then these actual A levels if you look at what all students are saying the exam covers nothing of what they have been taught even the teachers are complaining

The ridiculous amount of studying is stressfull. At uni this combined with money trouble was too much, I've just left uni after my first year to do an apprenticeship instead.

you really are joking,  pampered , spoon fed, not told any nasty facts in case it upsets/offends their delicate egos.

They do not know how to spell stress never mind what it is.



Before you critise their spelling abilities maybe you should look at your own comment. No capital letter starting the first sentance and a comma inbetween two spaces. As the say goes 'People in glass hoses shouldn't throw stones'.

LOL, I don't usually correct spelling and grammar but ...

Critise = criticise
Sentance = sentence
Say = saying

Hoses = houses


I don't believe that they were criticising their spelling abilities either, it's a saying for goodness sake :)  

they have to take out a loan to pay for their studies

Too much time spent on Social Media! Crippling Loans to pay back if Succesful? We never talked about Stress when we were at school and college! 

My son has worked out at his current reayment rate he'll be 44 before paying off the loan. He's an engineer on a good wage too.

A Levels teach you how to deal with stress, which is a useful life skill. 


Students are having to take in to much usless Knowlrdge then go home and do homework 

Schools are putting to much pressure on students and it's not really fair.

Students are having to take on debt to afford to study, then there is the pressure of performing to a required standard and peer pressure to study and also have a social life.

Yes this is right

Shower of wimps. We had much more stress in our lives, It made us man up and get on with it.

Capable students seem to spend an enormous amount of time studying and doing homework. So do those aren't capable and if they don't succeed they soon feel stressed. Maybe the ambition to go to uni, have a gap year, be a student, take on a loan, is encouraged too much by schools and parents. There's a life and work outside academia. Some of us don't need degrees to survive and I think we're happier without the so called stress.

Stop pushing kids into thinking they have to go into further education.

Student debt and loans that were told they’d never have interest added on but are now extortionately so.

I suppose so if they get the results they want or need. But i do not think that is shhould be as much as it is. Mind you why should they pay at all

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