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Why is Elon Musk so controversial?

Elon Musk is quickly becoming a controversial figure with his outlandish claims and reprimandable behaviour. To some he is a philosopher who is pioneering the technology that will lead us into the future, to others he is childish and delusional. This week we are looking at the behaviour that has put Elon Musk at the centre of attention.

The first headline which made people think twice about the lovable tech wizard was the fact that his factory had an unusually high injury rate for car manufacturing. The initial response from Elon Musk upon hearing this was a promise to his entire company to visit each individual who had filed an injury, discuss exactly what happened and then perform their job himself in an effort to assess the risk. The press and general public seemed initially pleased with his response, until it had been revealed that none of the efforts had actually been made. Apparently one of the main causes of injury is the fact that there is very minimal hazard tape (traditionally bright yellow) because Elon doesn’t like the colour. It was also reported that Tesla wasn’t filing all the diagnosed injuries caused at the factory, even if they caused people to not be able to work. Whilst Elon shouldn’t have promised the world if he couldn’t deliver, it’s possible that he had the best intentions that his schedule just couldn’t keep up with.

On the subject of good intentions, Elon Musk was also involved in the Thai cave rescue. He designed and shipped over a child sized submarine in the hopes that it would aid the rescue of the children from the caves. The divers decided that it wouldn’t be necessary for the rescue and continued on without it. One of the divers named Vernon Unsworth criticised Elon musk, claiming that it was nothing more than a PR stunt. Elon then responded by calling him a “pedo guy” over Twitter, before then deleting the tweets a few hours afterwards and sending out a seemingly half-hearted apology. 

A more recent point of criticism for Elon is the fact that he was joking about the recent massive stock crash for Tesla over Twitter. Whilst some found it endearing that he could joke (meaning he wasn’t stressed enough over the crash to actually be worried about it, signalling this is a temporary problem), others didn’t appreciate the fact that he was joking about the fact his investors were losing money and Tesla wasn’t meeting all the promises they had made as a company. Personally, I don’t actually think this is a point of criticism. Everyone reacts to bad news differently and considering the incredibly fast rate the company has grown at it was bound to take a hit eventually. Considering 10 years ago electric cars were kind of a joke and are now the pinnacle of fashion in a lot of circles I think it’s fair to say that company is probably ten steps ahead of everyone. We asked Viewsbankers if they would ever consider an electric car and 56.5% of them said that they either had one or wanted one. 

Here’s what they had to say:

  • “Tesla S 100D (the 4wd one with 'ludicrous plus' mode) is the one I have driven and been driven by. It's outstanding, in every possible way.”
  • “Batteries don't last forever and are very expensive at the present.  I believe it would cost me as much to rent a battery pack as I currently spend on diesel.  Will buy when batteries come down in cost.”
  • “I’m too scared.”

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First Ive heard of this chap

Too much money so he thinks he has authority

Some of the most ingenious people have a focus that is imense and great on a particular subject or field, however this advantage sometimes - as in the case of Elon Musk - may be at the expense, with a significant defict in other areas. These areas quite often are social and interpesonal and relate to undersatnding relationships with others. Traits often seen with people with an Autistic spectrum disorders.

That is not to say that we should ignore these behaviors but that we should try, ourselves, to understand that this may be the case. In doing so those who are close to people like Elon Musk and the likes of Martin Shkreli can help them recognise their somewhat negative attributes of their behaviour before they put their foot in their own mouth.

This is only an opinion. I'm not saying the Elon Musk has an ASD but it is something to consider and consider approaches to challenge in an appropriate way.

Again not trying to excuse certain people but it's worth checking out Albert Einstien and the recent release of some of his diaries and notebooks from his travel. Some of his comments are really quite shocking. He wasn't a Hitler but when you see the comments you do have to wonder that under different circumstances what could he have been.

The world is a strange place full of strange and interesting people. Some who manage or are managed to be productive to create good, others for what ever reason end up being highly dangerous and demonic.


Seems a remarkably self-centred bloke.

One the greatest visionaries we have ever had! The article misses some of his greatest achievements PayPal, SpaceX, Boring Company, Green Electricity ect..
He made millions (almost $100m) when he was just young and instead of just living a life of luxury for the rest of his life he was driven enough to start not one but 2 companies at the same time to revolutionise space and car travel. People thought that doeing just one of these was Imposible, the russians said the Space X dream was stupid and that he would be using a trampoleen to launch rockets. They arent laughing now that he has put the Russian launch services out of business.

There is a reason that Robert Downy JR went to spend time with Musk before starting his roll as Iron Man..

Things that Musk has done that you havent mentioned..

- Decomratising space and bringing down costs for the tax payer and consumer alike. (By millions per launch)
- Reusable & landable rockets.
- Launching more rockets as a private company than ANY single country/continant in a 12 month period.

- Single handedly revolutionising electric cars (and lorries), forcing the big players to actually invest and bring them to market.
- Responds to customers directly when they contact him. 

- Freely allowing others to use his patents.

- Driving change for Hyperloop technology.

All this eulagising doesnt mean that i think Elon is the perfect person, he has his faults like the rest of us.
He is brash and loud and makes BIG claims, he is prone to make silly comments on Twitter but I for one am willing to give him some leeway for all the good that he has done for us.

This guy has got a lot of money so he as a lot to say 

A remarkably rare and capable individual who will always be at the forefront of innovation. I agree with the other comments about giving him leeway and understanding of the uneven charachteristics of such individuals.

I was slightly surprised at the comment about the possible cause of the unusually high number of accidents due to the colour of the hazard tape, and the lack of follow up with his staff. I suggest he needs someone working with him who has a completely different skill set, who's role is to ensure all these kind of details are dealt with, and given to the media as necessary.

I think its great that these people exist and contribute so much.


Never heard of him, which means I couldn't care.

I think he believes he is the saviour he believes his hype others contribute to his inventions 

and heres me thinking that ELON MUSK was a new doderant/perfume.


The first time I heard of him was when he called the British diver a paedophile, that helped the Thai boys trapped in the cave. I think he's up his own backside and blinded by money.

not impressed

I am not sure what to make of him yet

The man is a complete ****!

He's probably very intelligent and also very flawed. He should have and he certainly can afford a PR spokesman or spokeswoman and could then keep his offensive comments to himself. Reading about the high accident rate in his manufacturing business makes me wonder just how much we can trust his claims about Tesla.

I also thought it was the name of a new deodorant

Narcissist, and a distraction from reality

The first time I heard about him was when his Tesla was launched into space earlier this year with a starman driver and David Bowie's Space Oddity playing on a loop on the audio. it was Falcon Heavy test flight and is now an artificial satellite of the Sun.

Isnt he currently being sued?