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This poll comes to us from Viewsbanker, Moonshine92, our winner from last week’s post!


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Just returned from volunteering looking after 0 years to 2 years 

I have an induction next week for vountary work for our local wildlife charity. Fingers crossed i'm accepted :-) 

 I voluntarily started raising money for special care baby is when I was 16. At the age of 18 I went on a sponsored walk which I had organised and had over 150 walkers with me went from Sheffield to Leeds general infirmary where I was transferred  because they didn't have the life-saving equipment available in Sheffield. Over the course of two years I raised over £21,500  for the two hospitals. In addition to that I was able to secure an incubator which is now in situ in Leeds general infirmary. I loved those two years and it inspired me to do several other small acts for charity which I do on a regular basis as I enjoy it and I know that the money is generated will be going to a worthwhile cause and this is the only satisfaction I need. 

I used to volunteer for Cheshire Conservation Society renovating old gardens, exposing mosaics, etc.

Round Table helping hundreds within my local community.

I part own a football club. I've volunteered to take old folks shopping, tidied gardens, helped with other matters.

Volunteered to fit seats, repair roof, lay carpet, paint in Moston Miners' Welfare to install 'A small cinema' within their building so people can see films instead of having to get bus into Town!

no but did alot when we were members of the Round Table so having a rest now

Several, daily.

I help out inte dogs trust

have done for over 25 years.

have done for over 30 years and continue to do so



I'm on the local committee for Cancer Research UK and I am a fosterer for Cats Protection.

Worked as a volunteer for several years for a local charity until we had to fold through lack of funds.

I was a volunteer for The Samaritans for 4 years. 

I've done a lot of work helping with Riding for the Disabled over the years.  

I've done many many weeks volunteering for the National Trust in my holidays