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It would be arrogant to think we were the only life form out there.

My thoughts entirely.

I totally agree!!!!

I think I was married to one lol 

I think I still am!

There's got to be more than us 

Sure why not:)

No signs of evidence so I don’t think so

we've barely discovered whats in our oceans let alone what is in an infinitely expanding universe, its only logical that something else exists, if not in this solar system then on of the other millions

Can't wait until they release the sealed files for Area 51 and see the proof that Aleins exist. We are a mere speck in the ocean of the universe and so there has to be many forms of life elsewhere 

I understand there are many aliens in this country, some who have the papers to be here, some who don't


Define Aliens!

Yes, if you are talking about life on other planets. The Drake equation pretty much proved that this must be so, as the chances of there not being life elsewhere are infinitesimally small.

I saw Carl Sagan's presentation of that equation in his Cosmos series, and his calculation on that occasion (subject to lots of variables but still convincing) concluded that there are about a million advanced civilisations in our galaxy.  Awesome. 

Formative TV viewing for me. Cosmos, and James Burke's Connections from around the same time.


If you see a blue police box give me a shout, been waiting for it for years!

Yes maybe anything is possible.

Read the book was God an Astraunaut. Where did all the intelligence of the Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Incas, etc, suddenly disappear to. Then there's Stonehenge ...........

WEIRDOS believing in aliens lol (sad)

Do you not believe there's alien life then?... the odds are massively (and I mean really massively) against you.

The truth is out there.

I wonder if we are all an Alien experiment. It is funny how problems keep apearing from nowhere . We run about like stiring up an ants nest and then set to and solve it. Low and behold when that happens something else happens to challenge the world population.

That'll be the mice....

Yes, I think there are.....I don't think we've ever been visited by them though.

Yes im sure my children are aliens .

Yes im sure my children are aliens .

I think at some point there must have been life elsewhere..... time is a factor.... I don't know why but I have a feeling we are all that is about at the moment.... 

Having listened to Prof Brian Cox it would seem that it is unlikely that there is life on another planet but no one is ruling it out.  I am happy to treat any visitors as I would any foreigner: welcome unless/until they cause trouble.

If good old Brian says it's unlikely, that's the best argument I have heard to support the theory that there are extraterrestrial civilisations. 

Although the same Brian Cox explained Fermi's paradox by saying that there might be loads of alien life but they wipe themselves out before becoming advanced enough to be detected. That's what scientists do... they throw theories out there and see the reaction. Charles Bolden from Nasa said it was "highly improbable" that we were alone in the universe.

No I don't believe in aliens

no idea

Not sure

I hope so and they come down to sort this nasty, evil race out.

I was issued with an alien registration card for ID when I moved to Chicago years ago so I guess I am or I was an alien!

I don't belong on this planet wish I could live in the star trek times trapped here going to die not knowing better

There are better planets out there with life but not interested in us 

Yes - there's May, Johnson, Farage....the list is endless.

whats an Alien ?