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awesome idea

if it was free delivery and return i would

Amazon Prime!



The don't knows couldn't read the question.

fundamentally this is a case of base economics, influnced to some degree by future though patterns.


It would be really helpful if amazon do this especially for students who need text books to study in college and university 

Not books but electrical ect like an on line cheaper bright house lol




Not sure books is the best example, we already have something that does that, for's called a library.

However, for other things like DIY tools like power drills it would be REALLY useful. I'm sure I saw a survey recently that said that the average time someone spends actually using a power drill is 15 minutes. Most people just need it for a couple of odd jobs and will never need to use it again (or if they do, it'll be for another 10 mins). At the moment I'm trying to find someone who will lend me one and the only people I know who have one are professional electricians etc who cannot afford to not have it for a couple of days. I could buy one, I guess, but I know I will likely never use it again.


No I prefer to buy anything I want.

Yes, I do too so that I don't have to worry about any accidental damage etc.

yes I already have free books from kindle


You can already rent films from them. I think you may need a Prime membership to do so though 

Power tools ...

Yes I would deffo use it

Yes I would deffo use it

Not really 

As long as the price was right.


I understand that if the initial idea of renting books is successful, Amazon plans to open an instant access centre in major cities, and then possibly in every town. 

They already do, with Amazon kindle unlimited you can rent books on an ereader. There aren't many new books though, especially audio books.

No! I would not want to borrow...Gave up using the library due to smelly books, and this had an adverse affect on asthma symptoms.

However, would be willing to donate my things I no longer use, to be used in this way - all from a pet-free, smoke-free, vape-free home.

Don't think there is anything I would want to rent that I can't get elsewhere.

No would not pay to rent books

yes as i am a bookworm and constantly looking for new books to read


they would have no problems collecting unpaid rents etc....

Yes, good idea. 

I thought tbey had a rent or buy option already. But i would rent something sure:)

I thought tbey had a rent or buy option already. But i would rent something sure:)