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When I was a kid I'd hold my wrists under ice cold running water to cool down, so I close my eyes and remember how well it worked and it seems to work without the water too!

Shows the power of you mind, doesn't it?

When I lived in USA and it was very hot, I used to think of the fields at the farm where I was born - the English mist rolling across and often the frost on the grass and the trees.  Have been thinking about this again, lately because of the current hot weather.

Don't know if I feel any cooler though, but it puts me in a good mood.




No but i think I will try Smile

No never tried it.


No, I love the heat, don't want to cool down.  It can stay like this for ever and I'd be happy!

Not warm enough yet.

I absolutely LOVE the heat (though less so at night)

In Thailand it is often over 30C at night, so you sleep naked with a misting fan blowing over you and a glass of water to drink when you wake up in the middle of the night.


Thinking cool does work for me some of the time, but never in high humidity.

When I’m at work outside I think of having a nice cold craft ale when I get home.

I get home from work and have to walk through the kitchen to get to my garage where the ale is. I put on the kettle and sit down.

Might try

what are cool thoughts ? no to busy cooling down 

Don’t need to think of cool thoughts if already supping a chilled beer !! 

Thinki g of a nice cold drink to cool down