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Sometimes - if we have an arrangement & postie knows all about it.

Yes, all my  neighbours are nice and trustworthy so we accept parcels for them too.

i do but very rare they do it back for us

It's good to be neighbourly. We all help each other where I live.

If faced with a longish drive to the Delivery Office with nowhere to park when you get there and officious traffic wardens, I always accept them for my neighbours and they for me.

Always it's never a problem to take in a parcel or other delivery for somebody, especially as it saves somebody a drive down to the Delivery Depot to pick it up.

I do, and always take the parcel to them if they don't come and get it as well. But they always deny taking in parcels in return, if we have a note saying they have our parcels. I'd rather the postie took it back to the delivery office, than have to pay to have the item sent again because the neighbours kept it. 

Contact royal mail and request to be opted out of deliver to neighbour, or you can nominate a particular neighbour that they try

always take them in for the whole street no worries doesnt hurt to help out 

We always do. Surprised to see someone voted no.

I will for the couple on the left of our house but not the other side (Nutjob!). I would only refuse if it was too big though! I trust them to take a parcel in for me too which they are happy to do. Smile

We have nice neighbours all down out street. We take parcels for them and vice versa. Happy to do so.

Very helpful important

A sometimes option would have been better, I do for some neighbours and not others. It's frustrating when you know they have come home from work and don't come across for several hours. It's the first thing I do when I get home if I have one to pick up

Depends on which neighbour it is and the size of the parcel

Im the only one on my street that is at home so Im happy to take parcels in for neighbours that I know and speak to.  I used to take in parcels for a neighbour (he was an idiot but she was lovely) until one day, the husband accused me of stealing a parcel that had a watch in that he'd bought for his wife! I stopped taking parcels in for them.

Yes, our neighbours do the same for us.  Helps us and helps the postman/delivery driver.


yes but always maake sure that they put a card in the door so they know where the parcel is