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Yes i want it

Really want 1

There isn't an option for 'Maybe'.

+1 My 'go to' choice in admin polls!

Yes want 1

As long as they have fast charge and plenty of charge points.

As Jenx says + a good range (mileage) and are more affordable. So not in near future!

At the moment they are not really practical here. For a start there are only 18 charging points for a city of c. 90,000 people, and hardly any in the rest of the ******.

Tesla S 100D (the 4wd one with 'ludicrous plus' mode) is the one I have driven and been driven by.

It's outstanding, in every possible way.


Just hand over the £100k and I'll find the additional £5k...


[Seats 5 in real comfort, and 7 for short journeys; does 0-60 is just over 2 seconds (Ferrari 458 = 4s); range well over 300 miles; free recharging at main services; remembers where bumpy roads are and raises the suspension automatically next time you're there; zero road/congestion taxes; fully comp insurance is around £500 pa for me...]


Not until they have a practical range, fast charging and a large network of charging points.

They already have....

I don't drive so deffo won't be getting one 

no too scared

Love one

If it had a manual gearbox then yes I would, automatics are just god awful it’s not proper driving to me.

Electric motors have no gearboxes....

I know.. I just ment I like to be able to change gears when I want to and not have it done for me Smile

By 2040 there would be no new manual cars. Electric cars work on a single gear. Someone can make you a dummy gear box to satisfy group of drivers like you. Or you can give up driving by then.

Electric automatic love one or a self drive

Batteries don't last forever and are very expensive at the present.  I believe it would cost me as much to rent a battery pack as I currently spend on diesel.  Will buy when batteries come down in cost.

Can't afford one  so no point wanting one plus age  is against me

i cant drive 

Absolute con, they produce more harmful emmisions in their production than a standard petrol car produces in it's lifetime. The batteries cause untold environmental damage in mining, processing and recycling, (that 14kg of nickel and cadmium  required for the batteries has to come from somewhere....not to metion how toxic cadmium is...). The batteries have to be changed frequently at a cost of c: £6000, the fuel they use is i.e. recharging, is produced by fossil and nuclear power stations.

They have low range and few charging points and absurdly expensive to buy, not everyone has £105,000 to throw at a Tesla.


Hybrid makes perfect sense, you produce your own electricity when driving under petrol power...but 100% electric cars are expensive, environmentally damaging and rather useless unless you can park up and recharge at home and don't have to go too far.

Teslas have 300+ mile range - that's not an issue.

The replacement cost of the batteries after 10 years or so is a major factor, though.

Range is a massive issue for electric cars. Let's face it when you're looking at cars from £60,000 upwards they have great range, but no normal person can afford anything like that, and the cheap ones have great problems with distance. A Kia Soul electic car has a maximum range of 132 miles (presumably carrying no weight and with a following wind), and then takes between 5 and 13 hours to recharge. Renault has the same problem, and until the technology becomes affordable they are never going to be successful... there's always the danger, too, that if they take too long to make the technology affordable someone will develop a successful hydrogen fuel cell and the electric cars will become a pointless dead end.

I don't drive, but I'd like to in the future.

When I changed my car 2 years ago I wanted one. Unfortunately you can’t go very far in one and they cost £5-6,000 more than a standard ‘petrol’ car.

Also there’s far too few charging points. Provide the charging points and people will buy.

When there is a better infrastructure for recharging and the batteries will allow you to travel further, then I will consider getting one.

Over 300 miles not enough range for you?

They are a real fire risk in an accident, police told me they won't go near one until it is made safe by the fire service.

A self driving one preferably

I would consider it. Bbut wonder what is tje cost of running it

No money for one