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The books, the languages, the subjects, not the questions though.

Remember most of what I did - in my day the exams were usually  four hours long - don't know how long they last now, though.

Used to do hours of revision too.

No exam since 1977 when I started teaching was over 2½ hours long - except Oxbridge entrance exams which were 3 hrs

Most were 2 hours long - though it was quite normal to have two exams - in different subjects, of course - on the same day


Even my degree finals were only 3 hours - one essay from 6.


I have a sort-of photographic memory - I 'see' in my mind the page with the relevant notes on it and I use that in my answers (and also in my 39+ years of teaching!)


My principle skill as a teacher became one to recall past exam questions word-for-word and so revise the answers to those with my pupils.

TEACH the subject

REVISE the questions (and, obviously, the answers!)


90% of the subject is never examined, but is background/explanation of teh 10% which forms the exam questions - which repeat every 2-3 years.

That's inevitable, as the same committee sets them each time and there's a limit to how 6-10 brains operate - particularly when there's the same Chief Examiner and a concensus is always required on both question content and its wording.


I reduced the revision required for 20% of an A-level paper (ie one of two AS papers set in any year) to just one side of A4 - including diagrams


It's here:


That website is, by far, the single thing of which I am most proud in my whole life (my children excepted).  It was, and is, free to all AQA Biology students and certainly helped many thousands (AND their teachers as I was told by one they used it all the time, not knowing who I was!) over the years.


the remark you made of having a sort of photographic memory whereby you see pages that you have read and taken on board - that is exactly how my memory works.

My 'A' Levels were taken in 1962.when I was eighteen.

Ahhh - that was rather before my 11+ Smile


Yes, think it may have been - I am 74 now but still remember those days very well, I'm happy to say!  Gather from your general marks on this site remarks that you may be sixtyish, perhaps?

I had to go for "literally, nothing" as I left school at 16, and therefore didn't do A levels or equivalent.

A bit

I've had 2 kids since then. I'm lucky if I can remember what I had for dinner lol

Quite a bit at the age of 65 +!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

would happily forget that era, i think i slept through mine


Nothing because I never took any "A" levels - only "O" levels.That was in 1962 so too long to remember.


Like Andrew57815, I left school at sixteen. Although got 6 'O' levels, had enough of exams & school. Unfortunately, no option for this, so answered 'literally nothing'.

I left school at 16 and have gained other qualifications since, including Open University diploma so can only answer for GCSEs and as it was so long ago I don't remember anything.  At that time it wasn't that important to me.

Voted nothing as we did not have A Levels when i was at school. I am now 76 yrs old so you do the maths.

I passed seven G.C.S.E`s all grade D and above,I have two A levels in english language and english literature,I also earned a GNVQ advanced in media and communications.(learning to develop photographs, produce and edit a magazine,and make a short film) I also enjoyed work experience at Byker Grove in the production office,working alongside producer Matthew Robinson and director Andy Snelgrove. (The funny part is that I ended up in a roadshow singing all over the U.K).

Do think everyone should have comfort shoes

left school at 15 in 1960 no A levels then as far as I can remember

There were - I took mine in 1962 and I know other older pupils were taking them before I did.

There were - I took mine in 1962 and I know other older pupils were taking them before I did.

It was a introduction couselling course

we didnt do A levels so not likely to remember them

One of my subjects was English Literature and I have read some of the books since so I remember a little.

Didn’t do A levels.

O and cse. Then onc, hnc, hnd, professional qualifications. MCIOB.