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No... much as David Icke is entertaining his theories are broadly ludicrous.

Look at what he said in the 90s and see what has happened - he was right on many levels.

These things are insane

Plenty of people believe in conspiracy theories of some sort or other.  I guess this probably stems from a feeling of powerlessness and insecurity.  

Or having too much time on their hands and a lack of wit to fill it. Sometimes people are just plain dumb, there isn't always some socio-political reason for it.

Guess it depends on how you look at it.  Since this poll focusses on the theory of interstellar aliens ruling the US, then I would respectfully suggest that the reason folks buy into it is more likely to be for socio-political reasons.  There's been several independant studies on why so many people believe in conspiracy theories, or at least are easily taken in by false statements.  I seem to remember hearing of a study by the University of Kent which gave this very conclusion.  I've read a few papers on the subject, many written by Prof. Douglas who seems to have a keen interest in why people are susceptible to believing in such things.  Although, oddly enough I've not read any scientific study that gives a conclusion based on your supposition that intelligence or idle hands may be one of the root causes.

I firmly suspect that it is more organic in the sense that if we were all entirely trusting then that wouldn't be a good thing and perhaps may go against human nature.

I have posted a link to Prof. Douglas' extensive list of publications on the subject for anyone interested in the social psychology.


No - it's because many have been proven to be accurate.

Of course their are 'Lizard People' how do you think technology has advanced so much in the last 70 years! (I could be joking - or am I)














Or 12 Million Americans have got a good sense of humour and are taking the mickey out of the pollsters.

Some folks will believe any rubbish 

Perhaps Lizard Trump?

Actually ... he is proof that there are lizard people ... scary :o  

And there goes my respect for the lizard people...


If you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you at an excellent price.

Thought they had london bridge

The world doesn't revolve around London

Is very likely aliens may have something to do with us becoming more advanced to prepare us for their arrival

They have got a lizard as president, maybe if those 12 million had voted the other way they would have a woman as president as oplosed to a nut job

is this rubbish

If 12 million people can think it then it must be true!

Lots Of Dirty rats And Snakes But Lizards yhal?

Are there really so many stupid people in the USA? It's a joke, surely!

Never heard of lizard people and to be honest I don't want to.I presume they are supposed to be some kind of aliens.

Are we talking about the Donald Trump supporters, or the rest of the Republican Party?

No if the question is meant literally. Metaphorically speaking definitely yes.

Do I remember a race of lizard people in Dr Who?  Have 12 Million people been watching too much television?

Please let there be lizard people, please please please....couldn't be much worse than Trump,Tories, May,Tories, Putin,Tories, Erdogan, Tories, al- Assad, Tories et Al!!!


Doc Connors isn't real guys he's a fictional character in Spiderman. And considering he's the leader of the mutated lizards I get the feeling they may be fictitious too. I know Theresa May looks pretty scaley but I don't think she's actually a lizard.

Not really 

Are these idiots having a tin bath?  You couldn't make it up Biggrin

what in heavens name are Lizard People ! 

If not,could do a better job than the bunch who do

The Lizard in Chief is going round the world abusing and annoying the hell out of every country he/it visits.

looking at Sadiq Khan perhaps they are right 

what are lizard people?

Mark Zuckerberg?

Of course the lizard men don't rule. They were wiped out by the greys a long time ago.

No way

are these the same people that voted for Trump - the Chief Lizard?


Some folk have way to much time on their hands to be coming up with such notions. 

Why think this too much happening in the world