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Heavily weighted towards right wing views.


I get The National every day.  If you want news and views that wont appear in any other newspaper backed up with real facts buy The National. They also have a website but I like paper

Nope. The news in the media's distorted depending on the political views of the owner.
Just look at the Mail and Sun. Two very pro Tory rags.

Indeed, The Grauniad being a good example of a socialist rag..

The 'i's even worse: pure Putin propaganda

Did you mean "Guardian" or are you dyslexic? lol

Don't worry, I used to be dyslexic, but I'm KO now

Private eye - the grauniad being known for typos

What if global cooling is real and all the stuff on aliens is and we are denied the full facts on everything I'm slightly not happy about this and fake news has ruined my faith in media

Im not borhered about political bias.. Just like to know whats going on

99% of what you see on TV is either recycled Press Releases or opinion and/or speculation

The part that's genuinely been researched and presented by a journalist (cf 'reporter') is vaniahingly small these days.

What does vaniahingly mean?  I guess it's a typo but just can't figure it out.

It is an unfortunate fact but journalists of this age that have any integrity, honesty or morality are as rare as the dodo. 

Probably starting just as many do in their chosen career they bend or get broken by the corruption, the easy life, the sensationalism that sells news thus improves their lot. 

Sorry but I have had encounters with reporters and such and they are on a parr with politicians and gypsies. 


BBC news app plus newspapers and news on commercial channels gives me a broad view but I trust the BBC news most of all.

I wouldn't trust a word the bbc utters

The BBC was the flagship of the world for factual news. No more. It is hard to put a time to it but the era of Blair and WMD were the nails in the coffin 

Now sensationalism and the route of protecting the politicians of the day and stopping the demise of license fees goes ahead of truth and honest reporting. 

Yeah. They really are unbiased aren't they. (Sarcasm).


Media corruption everywhere 

And the Mirror and Guardian Labour rags


BBC is too biased: very anti-conservative.  Sky seems to look for the sensational aspect so I try to see/read a couple of differing sources and hope to find the middle ground which might be near the truth.

Really, the BBC is very pro Tory.

Euronews and Al Jazeera....BBC, Sky and and ITV go down the sensational route.

along with a decent brain i am a good judge and keep away from Daily fail or the sun 

good on you phoebe, if someone said we are going to be hit  by a metorite 35% of the will be like  headless Chickens.

I like the Metro for a free paper I think its great.

BBC News

Daily Mail and Metro are reasonable in their news content. The BBC talks down to anyone who isn`t a Leftie. Their cameras would show you a pile of dog dung if they could find one near the Tory conference just to show you what they think of them. Look at the camera angles on local news if they go anywhere they don`t like.

The Daily mail is so bad, even Wikipedia won't use it as a reliable source.



BBC World, UK, feel confident enough all areas well covered

Have watched BBC news for 70 plus years. Why change??


It depends really

i believe so.

Confirmation bias, filter bubbles.  The information is out there, read a variety of views and then ignore them and rely on your own (hopefully wide and rich) personal experience.