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I think in principle it sounds great, but when you hear the horror stories about how Airbnb properties have been used, I'm not so sure. It only takes one person to trash your house/car/whatever, even if there is recourse the trust has gone to do it again. If you lent out your car to a stranger and it came back like a midden, would you do it again?

My experience of letting a property and lending people items has left me cynical about doing anything like that again.

Seems very much the future beyond the selfish society of today
A much more global world

I voted maybe because it might suit some people but not me as I don't like sharing. Anything that's mine is looked after carefully and I definitely wouldn't want to share.

I thought I was in partial agreement with it until I read latormenta's comments !!!

I couldn't agree more Latormenta, my experience of lending things to others over the years has been the same as yours, so I'm afraid that I would not be participating.

I often host visiting football fans who come from all over Europe, to watch my club FCUM. They reciprocate when we go over to see theirs. Shalke, FCSP, Leipzig, Cap ciudad de Murcia, etc. Costs them nothing, costs me nothing. Apart from a gift.

I voted "Maybe" because it depends what you are sharing. Locally we have food growing networks where we share and swap seeds and plants, and help each other repair stuff. I suppose those aren't really "economies" but community projects.

i didnt get it

I as heatherr said above think it depends what you're sharing, I don't think I would want to let other people stay in my property like Airbnb, I don't trust people as much as I used to and I think that we are a lot more selfish and materialistic as a society then we used to be, maybe things like Airbnb and other similar things are the start of a more sharing caring society.

I think that the concept is a good one but it relies on all parties being respectful and honest. Unfortunately I have seen too many horror stories to vote anything but no. In an ideal world it would be great.

That's lovely, Jaypee, it shows that it can work.

What is a sharing economy? The rich take from the poor and keep it for themselves

Never seen any of the type of economy where I live but out in the country, not a city or large town.

There's risks with everything... Capitalism grants you with a receipt for security in most cases but still has pitfalls. Sharing economy has pitfalls but the positives outweigh those, it's a great system preventing the need to manufacture junk that's already been made and the world does not need.